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  1. Cat lady 67

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, I hope that reading your stories and sharing experiences will help me get on the road to recovery, taking back control of my life and facing up to my and my family's issues. Thanks for letting me join the group xx
  2. N

    I'll always be depressed

    I have no hope that I'll ever overcome my depression. Never will I know what it means to have a friend or to be loved. The only thing I'll ever know is the endless loop of sleeping, working, sleeping and working. And therapy is out of the question, as I'll never be able to open up to a stranger...
  3. F

    Study finds schizophrenia risk better predicted by deviation in intelligence from family

    Study finds schizophrenia risk better predicted by deviation in intelligence from family The degree to which an individual deviates in intelligence from their family is a more accurate predictor of schizophrenia development than the individual's intelligence alone, according to a new study...
  4. naominash

    At what age did your symptoms surface?

    According to a psychology textbook I was reading, most people with schizophrenia manifest symptoms in early adulthood. Mine started at the age of 18. The stress of picking a college other than my family's expectations caused me to go 'flat'. But I consider this the age when my schizo affective...
  5. RainbowHeartz

    loosing things, people, etc

    family pfft! many do not speak to me so ive grieved there loss, my mum i grieve for even though she lives with me, she isnt a mum anymore she doesnt like me i know it, she cant tell me she loves me she cant hug me or nothing, i feel ive lost all family now, my cousin ive lost shes moved and too...
  6. Z

    Not Sure if this is Mental Health Issue

    I just turned 18 and I know I'm supposed to feel like my life is just beginning but I feel like it's over. I just don't feel motivated to do much. I feel like I maybe have a few years to live tops and that any day now I'll get cancer or get run over by a car. I don't even fear it either. I just...
  7. F

    ECT Treatment

    Hello All Please could someone advise if a CPN or Consultant can legally admit me as a inpatient to my local hospital for the above ECT treatment for my severe depression against my wishes and my family's wishes??? Thank you
  8. Anime-Alchemy

    Girlfriend's family's dog put to sleep

    So today at around 4:45pm, my girlfriend's family's dog was put to sleep. Her name is Millie and she's a border collie. She was 15 and a half years old. I'm sad obviously about her passing but also happy, happy that I got to meet her and spend 4-6 years with her :) My girlfriend is especially...