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  1. kate9090

    fall apart time

    well, if im going to fall apart, i might as well do it here cause maybe ill find some support that isn't from a bottle of booze. im in exam time at university and i have not been able to go to any of my exams, not studied for them, nothing. i can barely pull myself out of bed to open the door...
  2. L

    My hair is falling out! :'(

    Ok...so today Im trying to pluck up the courage to make a hair appointment. Ive had an underactive thyroid for about 8 months now and before they figured out that was the case my hair began falling out big time and especially in the shower. Now my hair is really thin and Im wondering if I should...
  3. Pixie37


    I am just low all the time. my world is falling apart. i can't control it. having days i just need to shut myself away and go to my bed. i feel like something is dying inside. a light has gone out. nothing matters anymore. i can't stop thinking about death. it's just there in the back of my...
  4. L


    ok so ive been taking quetiapine for almsot a week now not long i know but when i was given them i was told i shouldnt really be 'off'! just wondered if it was noram to be constantly falling asleep on them? Thanks laura xx
  5. D

    Falling up

    Falling up instead of down ? side ways round the corner, Jack and Jill wrecked on pills ! the talk of the town ?? drug addled little jack horner ! Alice and that vanishing cat, mushroom tea and that bloke in the hat ? Mary ate that lamb, did anyone give a damn ?? ring a ring a roses, the white...
  6. S

    So another sad case; dog lover, pattern-freak mathematician

    Can't help thinking that this is the wrong, wrong, the very wrong site. Ok, so if I have my own Twighlight Zone with it's own rules and laws of reality; if I experience a certain PRESENCE (not that I like him) more often than I should, and if I'm scared to stiff most of the time and have...
  7. D


    Falling up the hill, staring down the stream, all thoughts race yet stand still, life is a torn out scream, all eyes are on the cell, hearing that tolling bell, We go into the gray gardens, where ever we must dwell, with no respite or pardon, fixed hands on the tiller, castaway on the end...
  8. J

    if you had the magic tablet to take you away

    i feel so low now , but for some reason i cant cry, i have planned my suicide a few times today, i went from being the happiest person in the world when the crisis team were hear to absolute despair. im keep seeing shadows dancing about and whispers, i really do want to die right now, because i...
  9. unlucky

    Hi there

    Hi all, my names Elaine and I didn't know these things existed!! I've been reading some of the forums and just sat and cried because I can see that others are going through the same cack feelings as I am!! I've got a great hubby who listens to all my problems but I feel as if I am a burden to...