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  1. rasselas.redux

    Falling in Love versus Fickle Infatuations

    how do you tell the difference? just curious for you gentle folk to share your take on it. I'm generally bamboozled.
  2. Z

    I really need help!

    I'm a senior in high school. My family and I get along pretty well, and my summer has been pretty care-free. I should be happy, right? But things have gradually been falling apart these past few months. I've always had depression; I take Celexa every day. But lately it's become something...
  3. Z


    ( ) ( ) (* .*) (")_(") G o_O d M o R n I n G :tea: Woke up about ½ hour ago. So peaceful & quiet, sometimes feels like I am the only living being left on this planet. +"+.+"+.+"+. ℒ◎√e Zappy P.S...
  4. flowergirl

    last night

    I didmt feel too good keep falling alseep cos not sleepimg well at night
  5. L

    Want to run away

    I've been stable on medication for 4 years, developed fibromyalgia 2 years ago, both my physical and mental health have been slipping for a couple of months. At the moment I want to run away from my life, my head is in chaos and my body is falling apart. I don't know where to go from here. Will...
  6. deadchick07

    Epilim/ sodium valproate did it make your hair fall out?

    Been on epilim as mood stabiliser for two weeks, my hair today has been falling out quite dramatically. Does this last and how bad does it get? :scared:
  7. M

    I'm just not coping...

    My pdoc canceled on me for tomorrow and I only found out via text message tonight. I'm falling apart and I just don't know how I'm going to cope! I've given up hope of things ever improving.
  8. mitsie65

    Times for taking medication

    Hi there, Anyone able to help me on this one. I was wondering about when is the best time to take Sertraline? I have been on it for 4 days now and usually i take it before i go to bed but the last few nights i have found it really difficult to sleep. I was on Fluoxetine and used to take it...
  9. delboy

    falling apart

    At the minute i dont know wot to do, me and my girlfriend have seperated and no longer talk, and i confided in 1 of my best friends about something i had to get off my chest and now we also no longer talk, to be honest id b better off dead, cause i cant b bothered with all this anymore.
  10. ABsea

    will i get worse without meds?

    Trying to believe things will get better. Ive been eating good and exercising, sleeping better but i still feel the same: fucked up. I feel like I'm stuck in the past before all this moodiness came around. I cant "grow up" n I'm falling behind every day.
  11. W

    Still darker

    I thought suicide attempts was about as far as you could fall,so do I feel I'm still falling feel like a ghost ,a guilt ridden ghost
  12. pepecat

    falling down a hole

    pretty much says it all really.
  13. littlebit33

    falling back in

    Why is it that I keep falling back into a sad, or like.... not good emotions? I seem to be ok and good, then I go into a state of not being good. Why does this happen? i am so confused and feel like i cant control it. It just happens and I dont know how to stop it. I look around me and see so...
  14. madfkaa15

    falling apart

    i would post what is up on here but i am so paranoid and convinced people on here know me in real life and will come and find me. could someone possibly pm me and help me/advise me? i can't cope much longer. i'm thinking about ending everything tonight:/ scared. confused. lonely. angry...
  15. B

    Lithium Hair Loss - And divided doses - can you help me do this?

    I've just read that a person with hair loss related to anti convulsants/lithium was using a coloured hair shampoo and funnily enough mine only started falling out when i had highlights and started using it. Also read to rub hair in olive oil Biotin 5000mg a day - quite high and expensive...
  16. T


    After my hubby telling me he couldnt cope anymore last week, and how we have been at each other for months now, it all came to a head today. We were alternating between screaming at each other, to discussing what to do for the best, and what the kids will do etc. Have been in tears all day...
  17. calypso

    Going down again

    I have been quite balanced for a while and even started to do some voluntary work. But I am going down and that deadened feeling is back again. Christmas is coming up and I have no money. I am trying to make presents for people, but its quite a struggle. I just want to self harm so badly...
  18. Lolli_Liability

    Sorry guys gota get it out !

    OH MY GOD !!! im guna go find my self a large field and scream at the top of my lungs till i have no voice left. And then irl cry a little. Im so tired and worn out im feel like im constantly battling against everything for something to go right in my life and its fucking hard work to say the...
  19. C

    falling apart again :(

    I don't even know why i'm writing this but i need to get it out and i got no one else to turn to. I have bi polar and have done for a few years now. I was really bad with psychosis and stuff but seemed to have it under control went back to work and everything. Now it seems like my head is in a...
  20. J

    jeffrey crisis team

    bad day at work, tired after no sleep last night .worried about job security. raising to many eyebrows , rumour mill in top gear. wrist,s bandaged and massive weight loss , speech stuttering when stressed, seem,s the wheels are falling off the wagon heading for crash.which seems to be just a...