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  1. ScaredCat


    Please, I need a reason to carry on. To keep going in circles again and again. To keep falling in the black hole. Why?????
  2. E

    jolt like gasp of air when falling asleep

    sometimes when i dose of on the sofa i get these like zaps where i wake and cant breath its almost like a full body twitch with a missed breath. has anyone else experienced this?
  3. M

    Struggling with concussion

    I cracked my head. It's driving me crazy.iican't think straight. I keep falling because balancing off and today and my husband me wants to divorce be cause he's sick of dealing With all mh problems. He hates told me he hoped he I frll down the stair case and brea my neck. Is ther any kindness...
  4. A

    Physical pains from anxiety?

    I'm confused. Trying to figure out what is going on with my body, and just thought I'd see if any one can offer an perspective or have had something similar themselves. I'm diagnosed with EUPD and PTSD, and have constant panic attacks. I know when I have chest pain and breathing problems etc...
  5. T

    no idea whats wrong with me

    I have had a diagnosis of depression and ptsd but it might be childhood ptsd. I am falling apart. I can't cope with noise, people talking at the same time, being touched, being in crowds, hate going out, no energy or motivation, I am at breaking point. My anger is like a touchpaper, I feel...
  6. B

    Depot Injections for Voices and Halucinations?

    I am likely to be switching from Quitiapine to a Depot Injection for my Voices and Halucinations soon. Does anyone know what drug they tend to use now most commonly?? I would like to research it before I say yes, as I dont want my hair falling out or becoming a complete Zombo. thanks
  7. H

    Depressive grandma with a cancer..

    Since she (my grandma whos 63) has found out that she has a cancer, she has fallen apart.. sleeping all day and barely eating anything is turning into a worse how time passes.. the new everyday, all day "routine" is crying and screaming.... for my mom this is like in hell.. she can't watch her...
  8. L

    Wish I was dead

    Nothing is going right at the moment. My life is falling apart and I wish I could cease to exist.
  9. M

    Getting things out of proportion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I received a letter from the Council about the owner of the house next door that he wants to build an a detached 2 storey annex to house his elderly relatives. The house next door is leased and what he wants to do is rent it. I have been invited to put forward my views and I have done this...
  10. RainbowHeartz


    Does anyone really care? I found someone to be with but does anyone care I'm falling to pieces :(
  11. F

    Schizophrenia need not be a life sentence, but treatment is falling short

    Schizophrenia need not be a life sentence, but treatment is falling short Schizophrenia need not be a life sentence, but treatment is falling short | Society | theguardian.com
  12. N

    How helpless people must feel when this is happening to so many?

    http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/the-11-most-senseless-benefit-sanction-decisions-known-to-man--x1dmkd2_Me It seems people are randomly being targeted and punished just for being signed on and out of work.How much distress and worry this must be causing and how many are under stress and...
  13. C

    need urgent information

    I been on clozapine for 6 or so years and after 6 years of taking it I started noticing severe sedation.I decided not to take the drug for the rest of my life as my doctors continually told me thats what i have to do.I hate this drug and only way I will ever put it into my body again is if I am...
  14. M

    Advice needed. Toxic ex friend.

    This is copied off my facebook as I can't write it all down again. At the start of the week I decided that a so called friend of mine became too toxic for me and I needed to cut myself off from her. There are many reasons for this but one of the main reasons is because she is copying me...
  15. MagicJay

    Back in that place maybe worse :(

    I haven't been awhile, which is very selfish off me to come for support when I stopped giving it :'(. I've been coping very well stopped taking all my meds about 7 months ago feel good for it, but now I mess up big time very bad not sure what to do to be honest. Friday me and my girlfriend...
  16. F

    Pushing the envelope or not

    Some say you have to push boundaries to progress but what if where you are at provides the level of pressure/stress to keep you falling over the edge?
  17. E

    Is it all falling apart?

    Certainly feels that way. Last night I cried myself to sleep (not that I got much) whilst my OH slept like a baby in the other room. This morning I got the cold shoulder. Absolutely nothing. He did say goodbye when he left for work, but didn't look at me. When all you want most is for the...
  18. H

    Feel like a total stupid, ugly idiot again

    I feel like a total stupid,ugly idiot again. Be yourself they say,but society judges you,triggering depression. Ahh,I'm crying :'( my life is falling apart.
  19. T

    Im falling apart

    Hi, Im new here, so yeah, hello. I've been slowly falling apart over the last two weeks and I'm really struggling not to self harm tonight. I haven't done it since May so I'd be really letting myself down if I did it. But the urge is so so strong. Its like a war between my heart and my...
  20. C

    Anyone else?

    I've been speeding up on my cycles for some reason this past 2 months. Is falling physically ill when on a downer common?