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  1. S

    I want to die

    Nothings going right everything's falling around me can't keep on pretending that everything's alright that im fine everyone hates me theyd all be better off happier if I wasnt here the voices are right why dont I just listen its the only way out
  2. valleygirl

    What if I can't do this?

    School, practicum, course work, I don't know if I can manage this all. Maybe it's better for me to be dead. Money worries, my shoulder injury, I'm so overwhelmed. I'm trying so hard to hold it all together, but it's not working. I'm falling apart, and it's only the beginning of the school...
  3. B

    Help it hurts

    Help my life is falling apart just had phone call off the job centre they aren't going to help me neither can I claim any benefits. Cahms hav refused to support us with my son. Still grieving for my nan. It hurts so much
  4. shaky

    CCGs plan to cut proportion of spend on Mental Health

    Last week there was a story (from Labour) that many CCGs plan to cut the proportion of their budget they spend on Mental Health - despite the rhetoric from the government that there should be parity of esteem - so the proportion should be going up. Your can find the figures for each CCG...
  5. valleygirl

    Gas Prices!

    I know the economy is not doing that great, with the Canadian $ and oil prices dipping lower and lower, but I have to say that as a student I am thrilled to see the falling gas prices. I filled my car for $30 today!
  6. dubblemonkey

    I'm too scared to share

    the more I run the further I hurt... and yet? I need to keep running! and as far as I fall I need to go further to cope. I just continue to fall... and falling helps me ...and falling makes sense to me.... I feel like it's something else otherwise ...I feel like I am never to land...
  7. H

    New on here and having some struggles

    Im not really sure where to start. Since i was 11 i was diagnosed with ocd and it just got swept under the rug, it didnt really become an issue again until my late teens and then came the anxiety and depression and my fear of throwing up. I was put on zoloft and still am on it but i have also...
  8. H

    New on here and having some struggles

    Hi everyone Im not really sure where to start. Since i was 11 i was diagnosed with ocd and it just got swept under the rug, it didnt really become an issue again until my late teens and then came the anxiety and depression and my fear of throwing up. I was put on zoloft and still am on it but i...
  9. A

    Life is falling apart

    Hello, My name is Archer and I am a new member on these forums. I would just like to post a little about my OCD experiences and introduce myself. I am 19 years old, I am a university student, and I have been suffering depression for about 2 years now along with getting a diagnosis of OCD from...
  10. B

    worried about falling into old habits

    I used to suffer from depression and started self harming when I was 15, when I look back it was triggered because of school and the people I was surrounded by. i know it sounds like a stupid reason but i was bullied and really struggled fitting in and feeling accepted by anybody. I failed my...
  11. K

    leaving my house

    Hi. I am having really bad panic attacks leaving the house, even if it is doing something nice. I feel like I am falling apart :inlove.
  12. E

    Hair falling out

    I am in a panic about this as i am fairly well. My hair is falling out and the pharmacist said it is because of my mood stabiliser which is an anti-epileptic med and this is common in them she said. I have an appointment with my gp in about a month and will ask her then but has anyone been...
  13. B

    Just when I thought life was getting better

    Finally got a job after two years of depression/mental illness. Have been there nearly 4 months. Things have been going fairly well, have had feelings of self worth, my job is my life, sort of thing. But recently... Things have taken a turn for the worse. SH for the first time in months. Have...
  14. MagicJay

    Feeling fed up with Uni

    So last year was a big moving forward point for after been really ill for 3 and half years I felt like I was ready so I did everything to get into uni which I succeeded, it started out great was attending classes most of the time some I couldn't make but I was keeping up and passing all my...
  15. S

    Need For Love & Affection

    Can't seem to get rid of this feeling/pain. I have spent my entire life alone, never known affection, comfort or love from a woman. It leaves me feeling hurt and I do start falling down the path of self destruct & depression.:BLAH: Kinda at a loss really, I always find my self back here...
  16. R

    Help - I'm Falling

    I'm about to harm myself. Is someone out there?
  17. E

    weird throat feelings kind of like palpitations

    Does anyone else get this or know what causes it?? It mainly happens when I'm falling asleep but I think there's something wrong. I'm 26 I had 3 ekgs a couple of years ago and all was ok my peak flow to check my asthma is better than it ever has been so I don't get it
  18. M

    Looking for help and support.

    Hi forum friends, I hope I am in the right place. I have struggled with depression for 4-5 years. I am currently taking medication. I have a psychiatrist who prescribes my meds, and I have seen different behavioural counsellors over the past 4 years. This may sound silly, but until...
  19. M

    so so lonely. Need friends.

    Hello I know I'm just another member of this forum but please read this. :( My therapist says I need to open up to someone but I have nobody. I am 25 and have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses for over two years now. I'm on medication and having therapy. I am in a dead end job...
  20. dubblemonkey

    I deserve to be lonely

    I have been sitting here... falling apart .... I have desperate memories of her... there is no possibility that she will ever assist me in the way that will make things right! it's not fair. I am not a bad person! I am someone who cares. .it's almost impossible to survive dying the death...