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  1. fazza

    Need a complete shutdown reboot Falling apart

    Can't focus on anything. Can't switch my head off. 100000 thoughts an hour. Just had 4, 5mg diazepam but even that's not slowing me down. Can't help but feel like I need to press the off switch. Been for a drive and a walk today but that did not help. At the end of my rope. Can't go on like...
  2. R

    Not sure what to do.

    Hi, I'm 21 and have suffered with depression and anxiety for about 6 years now. I was taking anti depressants for a while but I had a choking incident and couldn't take them any more. In the last month things have spiralled out of control, I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago and now I...
  3. K

    My mood has changed for the better. Thank God!

    It's funny how one day your so low that you think the sky is falling. The next day your on top of the world, cleaning and enjoying life. I confuse myself
  4. R

    I'm a counsellor trainee and have no been experiencing problems

    I am having extreme anxiety with facial twitchs and a falling sensation in my head I assume this is adrenaline when sitting in front of a client. I am trying to listen to them and be present but my mind is racing. I have been given venaxfline to take but haven't started it yet I'm just worried...
  5. P

    New pills

    Hey all, So it been a while since I have been on here. I have been treated for depression for the last 6-7 years, taking different pills to find the ones that work for me. I have been on: Citlopram Matrazapine Sertraline Floxetine None of these seem to help, if anything they caused me...
  6. L

    struggling ?

    At the moment I’m struggling so much, my mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer with months left to live. The thought of losing her is heartbreaking.......my world feels like it is falling apart. I’m watching her die slowly and I can’t stop it! I don’t want to be without her.
  7. Garmc


    Does anyone have any difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep on this medication. At first it helped to make me fall asleep and would wake up groggy from it. Now I'm having difficulty falling asleep and I feel like I can't breath and have to gasp for air and only sleeping a max of four...
  8. A

    My head is constantly changing

    One minute I'm thinking of all the bad things in my life and the next I'm happy but I feel like I'm a different person in between all this. I'm falling apart.
  9. C

    Hallucinations at night time

    Hello all this is my first post here. I have generalised anxiety disorder and an unhealthy fear of having a heart attack. I have never slept well, even as a child, but recently I will wake up and see people walking around my room or will see objects rotating and going flying and people walking...
  10. R

    I feel like I'm falling apart

    I've struggled with depression my whole life, on and off, with better times and worse times. I am now 22 living with my boyfriend in a foreign city that I love. There is so much to do and experience here that when I arrived I loved it. Moving here helped so much with my mood and energy levels...
  11. S

    care Co ordinator

    I have been seeing my care co ordinator for a while I've been having feelings for her I fancy her and miss her when she isn't around don't know what to do anymore everything feels like its all falling apart really need to see her and talk to her
  12. V

    Tired of crying

    Went to the supermarket today. Didn't stop crying until just before I got to the checkout. I suppose that part's good at least. I guess it was nice that there were no nasty stares.. Only a few weird glances. Part of me wished that someone would have asked me if I was ok so I could have stopped...
  13. Vintage


    Hi My name is Catherine and i have been signposted to a bipolar forum. It wasn't this one but the one i went to has only three users who post rarely and so i have joined another. Ridiculously i was attracted by the bright colours which i probably shouldn't admit to but there it is. I am very...
  14. A

    PTSD re hospital & mother on there

    Hi, I'd really like some help please. 2 years ago my sister was rushed to a&e and was dying in front of me. I had a brain hemorage (can't spell) there in a&e due to my blood pressure rocketing & was taken to a specialist hospital for a week. So I was unable to be with my sister at the end. From...
  15. S

    What's wrong?

    Feel really really really low and teary keep on crying over the stupidest of things doesn't matter what it is all I seem to do is cry keep on making plans don't know what to do anymore everything feels like its all falling apart all the time I don't want to be here anymore
  16. C

    Super tired and have zero motivation

    Hey all, I am new here, but I need help. I am in high school, and I have zero energy and motivation. I have been to a psychologist and he said I have Anxiety. The problem is after I get back from school I have zero energy, even on the weekends - doing anything you can imagine is super hard...
  17. B

    Is it worth a trip to the doctors? I dont think my Prozac is effecting me as much as it used to

    Is it worth a trip to the doctors? I dont think my Prozac is effecting me as much as it used to As I said in the topic title, the last few weeks, even though Im still taking my meds regularly and avoiding things like alcohol whilst keeping myself active, Im noticing some things are coming back...
  18. SammySam

    Hearing voices

    When I get asked if I hear voices I say no because I always thought hearing voices was constantly hearing a jumbled mess of different voices in your head all day long. I have never experienced that, so my reply would be no. But I do hear inaudible whispers and every so often a low voice simply...
  19. C

    Can't stop crying

    My ex partner walked out of my life a little over 4 weeks ago taking my children with her and is denying me any access to them using my mental health issues as an excuse. Every single day since I have spent most of each day sobbing my heart out, I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces inside...
  20. Jojojabini21

    Mirtazapine - ridiculously tired

    Hi, I've been on Mirtazapine for over a week now, I've chosen to take 7.5mg instead of 15mg because I just couldn't wake up of function! Saying that I'm still struggling to get up and constantly feel like I need to go back to sleep. I've read people's opinions to take earlier but I work from...