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  1. B

    My Girlfriend has left me....

    Hi So i suppose what I am really looking for here is some advice on a situation that has come as quite a shock to me. I have been seeing a girl for around 3 months now and around a month ago we made it "official". Anyway everything has been fine and going really well, we had discussed trips...
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    i have to die

    because wen my aunt dies i won't have a carer and she is 90 there will be nobody to prompt me it isn't fair i probably still won't bath/dress/take medication/eat properly and be unable to cope with people in RL but i can't claim because i haven't got a carer? it isn't fair! i know somebody who...
  3. S

    Struggling with a few things

    Hey everyone. This is my first.post so im just going to dive in. Ive been struggling with depression for most of my life. Ive kept it from my family as we are not that close. Im very close with my suster though. I have kept it from her as she has a negitive view of people with depression because...
  4. 6

    Life is shit

    I never asked to be born and now i feel like im being punished for it. Im a very jelous and angry person. I have suffered with depression for a long time and recent financial troubles have made this worse. My wife works full time and i am in full time education. We have 0 money between us and...
  5. little rose

    really sad

    been in bed feeling really very sad at my life :( i dont know why life has to make me feel this alone and broken isnt fair :'(
  6. S

    i feel like i'm having a breakdown , keep crying

    i keep crying , can't cope anymore ... can't live this way anymore , it isn't fair on me
  7. polkadotscarf

    Should I tell my fiance I have depression?

    I'm getting married really soon. And I haven't really told my fiance I have depression.. Or had depression depending on how you see it... I also haven't and don't ever want to tell him about attempts and ending up in hospital :unsure: Is that fair? I don't want to be unfair to him but I...
  8. cpuusage

    Do You Suffer From Illusions Of Moral Superiority?

    Studies Show People Over-Attribute Positive Characteristics To Themselves : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR "Do you think you're more honest than the average person? More principled? More fair? If so, you're not alone. Studies consistently find that people think they're morally superior to...
  9. L

    My family

    Hi I thought I would ask you wise people if you have advice on how to deal with very negative family. My father is always complaining and so is my mum. (Perhaps that makes me hypocritic as I may be complaining about them). And they want me to listen to this. I don't feel this is fair. One...
  10. S

    this is not fair

    i was on another sz site and i was jumped on for mentioning the 'G' word (God) basically everybody hates me bc i believe in God, they say it furthers their delusions so i got upset and was suspended, i don't think this is fair. i hardly ever mention it anyway
  11. M

    I cant look after myself

    And im going crazy and need help argh i just want out of all of this its not fair
  12. M

    Cnt take it anymotr

    Its not fair
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    its not fair

    life ________
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    how much should you tell the people you love?

    im having very dark thoughts and don't know if I should tell my mum and BF ,I don't want to be responsible for making them feel sad. im having suicidal thoughts and think I want to talk about it with them but is that fair to them? I cant pretend to be happy right now or fake being ok so if I...
  15. E

    I picked a date

    It's coming up. I don't even think I'll make it that far. I don't care anymore I just can't go on. I've been on sick leave from work in attempts to put my complete effort into recovery and it has gotten me nowhere. It's gotten worse. I now hear and see things that can't possibly be there. I'm so...
  16. R

    Hello, new here

    Well this forum seems fair and friendly so I'm going to have a go at joining
  17. mckeo5514


    hi ive generally had problems trying to stay on meds so when I planned to go to psych apt and ask to get my licence unrevoked imagine my surprise when I visited and I saw an holiday replacement psych, he agreed as id been stable for a fair while I could be discharged, didn't need to take my...
  18. D


    holding on by threads of air, why should I live? why should I care? night heart pounding whats that? who is there? why should I live? why should I care? looking at folks with a thousand yard stare. why should I talk? why should I care? told as kids lifes not fair? why should I live why should I...
  19. GDB76

    Hello from Bucks!

    I've been invited here by Ali! The Bucks forum is deader than an Arsenal title challenge and I spend a fair bit of time in Berks anyway, as my daughter lives there!
  20. T

    Family therapy

    Anyone know if this is accessible for free? Although, I am willing to pay, it'll just be financially tight. I can't cope with this on my own, I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't know what the answers are. My 12 year old and my husband are continually butting heads. She's generally a good...