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  1. J

    Too much strain in my head and eyes?

    I work a lot on the computer for about 15-16 hours a day. Now am getting some serious pain on the side of my head and in my eyes. What should I do now?
  2. Jbb79

    Guilt from National Crimes x x

    Hi, Five years ago, I Got Very Bad depression + anxiety, Because of Danish involvement, in Guilty wars (Iraq ) x x I Meditated on it, Found these 5 Things, To be worse, After war > > I Also noted People's Eyes, Became smaller, The Black part, in Middle, Of eyes >> Normally, Danish people...
  3. H


    Hi all. Just looking for some advice. A few hours ago my partner started seeing things. He was very much not here and said it was a face with no eyes. The thing wanted his eyes and told him there are things he should nit see. He wrote this down on paper! He tried scratching near his eyes and put...
  4. P

    Afraid to look mom in the eye

    My mom always let my older brother get by with beating me and my little sister. All she would do was scold him. When I was in 2’nd grade (about 7 years old) mom beat the hell out of (more like physically and mentally tortured) me, my older brother and little sister with belts, coat hangers...
  5. B

    Happy birthday to myself

    It was my birthday and I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do other than write. So here it is. She laid awake at night, listening to the breath of the house – it was a slow creak, a whistle of a wind trapped between the ceiling and the roof, a quiet whisper against the wintry night...
  6. K

    Child abuse -rage

    Need to calm down not sure how. Children are a massive trigger to me, and im growing more monster the faster the days away from my girl. Few days ago got into a fight with a neighbour, smacking his kid could hear him literally beating the kid. Had enough of it very fast, see what a 32 yr old DID...
  7. S

    Health anxiety ruining my life

    Hi everyone I hope someone can offer some advice or reasurance right now as I'm really struggling. I'm 25 and I've suffered mild anxiety all my life but since January health anxiety has taken over it started with the flu and then noticing fast heart/palpitations and then from march I had...
  8. T


    okay so people say dont figh tthe tohughts or images just let them be it means nothing which i am doing but im finding it hard to picture guys because i close my eyes and try to but the OCD gets in the way so i feel like im loosing attraction to men and these thoughts are taking over any help?
  9. J

    Can’t be in my own skin.

    Hello group. My depression and anxiety are taking over to where I can’t sit in my own thoughts. I want to explode. I just try to get through everyday to night where I can close my eyes and escape myself. Has anyone gone through this? How did you deal with these feelings in order to function?
  10. D

    Scared and Very worried ?

    Hi Last week I had an MRI on my Brain ,I had lots of them before but i got the report and they want to do an another one but on the eyes because sometimes i have an hard time see now, i have lazy eyes and the order glasses but they want to an an another mri which is tomorrow but I am scared i...
  11. S

    Question About Hearing Voices

    Can you look into your own eye's in a mirror and not move your eyes when hearing a voice?
  12. S

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life.

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life. Think twice before closing your eyes. how would you feel if you did not have eyes?
  13. boudreauj4

    Dreaming while I'm awake

    Does anyone else ever dream while they are awake? This happens to me all the time. For example, New Years night I was asleep having a dream that all this spoiled food was being delivered to the food pantry I volunteer at. I woke up and opened my eyes and saw the dark bedroom, but whenever I...
  14. K

    Ommetaphobia for real?

    Hi, my name si Luca, I'm Chinese but I live in Italy... when I was a kid I had an accident and my right eyelid got damaged. My eyes looked very uneven so during my teenage years I decided to go under surgery (blepharoplasty). I did 3 procedures... the last one almost 10 years ago... and was a...
  15. katya

    Closed eye hallucinationsI

    Is it normal to see images when you close your eyes, before you go to sleep? I see flashing lights, which become moving objects - bodies, faces, cars, something like a camera rushing over a landscape. Sometimes I can see my computer screen when I close my eyes, and things pop up and I...
  16. S

    People have dead eyes

    Noticed this for a while. Everyone on telly and real life has sort of dead eyes. Zombie robot dead eyes. Good thing I don't have much to do with people. They are really freaking me out....
  17. J

    Funny but awkward problem

    Hello I am new to this forum and not even sure I am posting in right section.So please bear with me. I am 48 year old male.In my job I meet lots of members of public.I am often complimented for the good work I am doing and how I have been helpful in sorting their problems.My good work is...
  18. EllaGuru

    Was I nuts before or after? Please help

    I used to blush a lot when I hit my late teens. It became unbearable when I got my first job at the age of 17. I would have to catch the bus to work, but it got to the stage that I couldn't stay on the bus for fear I would start blushing, which would make me late for work. And when I got to work...
  19. B

    I can't stop harming my eyelids

    It's so annoying, I have some Hyper awareness of my eyelinds, And I keep feeling the need to harm them etc..... Just to feel some 'relief' on the eyes....It's hard to explain... Someone relates?! I'm on Prozac for 2 years... it works fine for most obssessions, but this one started again today.
  20. B

    Surprise Eye-Contact Fear

    Just moved to a new place and an anxiety I've had since I was a child has returned. As I'm in my room, I'm always terrified that I'll look at my door and see a small face peering around the door. The biggest fear of this (I have a clear picture of this situation and to it as I type) is that...