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  1. P

    Afraid to look mom in the eye

    My mom always let my older brother get by with beating me and my little sister. All she would do was scold him. When I was in 2’nd grade (about 7 years old) mom beat the hell out of (more like physically and mentally tortured) me, my older brother and little sister with belts, coat hangers...
  2. shaky

    Promised support is non-existent

    Before I left hospital the psychiatrist told me he would arrange someone to watch over me and support me when I was discharged. The CPN assigned to me visited and told me he'd ring me once a month to see if I was alright - and that's it. I need someone to keep an eye on me and make sure I'm...
  3. Funnyday

    If Schizophrenia wasn't enough to contend with...

    I'm going Blind. I received the results of my Diabetic eye screening today. It says that I have background retinapathy.:low:
  4. shaky

    Spots before the Eyes

    A few years ago my optician found a schist in one of my eyes. I had it looked at at the hospital eye department and the chap there said that there was a schist, but it seemd stable and nothing to worry about BUT It could be an early sign of macula degeneration If I ever got lots of floaters or...
  5. B

    Work after Bipolar-I

    Hi, I have a friend who has just come out of psychiatric hospital having spent 9 months in it due to being treated for Bipolar-I. I am trying to encourage him to remain positive and that he will be able to find work even though he has been in hospital for so long. I feel that he may now get...
  6. 6User_Name9

    Hello! I am new! I might be seeing things...

    I have three mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, PTSD). This morning I woke up and everything looked doubled and was moving around. This happens sometimes when I wake up. Also, after I got ready for the day, I thought I kept seeing cats out of the corner of my eye. :scratch: it was very...
  7. T

    I have Scoptophobia and can't focus one thing

    Hi i from south korea and i am 19 years old I have Scoptophobia(hard to see eyes) since 15 years old... And i have another phobia but.. i can not understand and very unknown... First Symptom is can not focus one thing. When i see the book i really care side in my eye sight in school when i...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Did anyone conquer their bullies?

    I remember when I was in 6th grade there was a kid who was the tallest in the class that said he saw my mom working the corner. He had about 7 of his friends there so I couldn't do anything about it. Then later we were in class and he started up again, he said he saw my mother saying hey who's...
  9. F

    Eye contact-such a tricky one

    I don't like to make eye contact but make myself do so because it's expected when you are interacting with people. I am never sure how long is too long though, and whether I'm over compensating or not. After all there's not making eye contact vs outright staring at someone. Thoughts welcomed.
  10. L

    Fight with my Father

    Hi all, on Friday just gone I got into an altercation with my dad, I'm 39 and he is 64, he became very aggressive towards me, so I asked him to take it outside, because I feeling vulnerable in such a small space, when I got into the back garden I turned round and he was coming towards me with a...
  11. F

    The social ties between autism and schizophrenia

    Written by Daisy Yuhas The social ties between autism and schizophrenia | Spectrum | Autism Research News Some people seem to fit both a psychosis spectrum and an autism spectrum diagnosis.
  12. A

    Struggling Someone please listen!!

    Hello everyone, I'm a 23 year old single mother of 2, I have a 2 year old and 6 month old, but recently I'm struggling more than before. At the age of 17 I got help for what I thought was just depression and I was diagnosed with 'Early Psychosis' 'Depression' and 'Severe Anxiety' I was given...
  13. K

    Awkward Eye Contact Experience

    I have read many posts about awkward eye contact. I am here talking about the type that makes you question which Eye one should look at? Should one look away for a second? What does the other person think of me? Why is he/she now feeling awkward too?! Oh wait! I cannot focus on what he/she is...
  14. Cazcat

    Eye Movement Integration for PTSD - success story

    Hi, Just wanted to share. I was finding it very tough going with my psychologist, my symptoms were getting worse and I was finding my appointments traumatic in themselves. I went to see an nlp master practitioner who did Eye movement integration with me. I session completely resolved all my...
  15. N

    Should I be worried? - Annoying twitches in both my lower eye lids.

    I have been taking Paliperidone (Invega) injections (75mg) since September (although I've refused to take it for one week) I have started noticing annoying twitches in both my lower eye lids. They spasm then stop then spasm again sometimes both at the same time. When I put my finger just below...
  16. Tired Daisy

    I feel when I go out people are looking at me

    Ok I know people are looking at me because I see them from the corner of my eye I have military vision and see them from the corner of my eye as they pass me. I see them on buses that pass me. Then I look up and there looking at me then they turn around and its not because I'm looking at them...
  17. R

    supermarket and schitzoprenia

    you know how at supermarket the expensive items they're hoping to sell are on shelves at eye level where they'll catch the eye whilst the cheap versions are in a corner or at the bottom, if like me you get flustered by a crowded supermarket and say some child is going off like a piercing siren...
  18. ~minnie~

    word meaning

    hi just after some advice information if anyone can help please 1. what does i mean that i have the capacity to take medication or not 2. what does it mean that i dont think i need the support from nurse but i am ambivalent about it 3. what does it mean my eye contact was reasonable 4. what...
  19. A

    Anxiety making people traumatised! Death stare

    I don't know what's going on anxiety has been getting worse past year or two. Now the little time I make eye contact its like a share of my anxiety is being passed over to them!😱 Is it scientifically contagious? Or is there some sort of spiritual evil eye please help. So far with this scary...
  20. N

    Eye Health - eye check up

    HI all, I read quite sometime ago, within MHF, via the Chill Out section I think it was, that there was a topic question, does one wear glasses, I was looking for this thread recently funnily enough, only I couldn't locate it. Now I do wear glasses, for close up work, and I happened to...