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eye contact

  1. N

    Some of the women at my new workplace keep looking at me?!

    I started working at this new place a couple months ago and I've noticed a few of the women working there always look at me and sometimes stare. As soon as I walk into a room or pass female individuals by, it 'seems' they make some effort to look at me, and majority of the time, a few would...
  2. B

    Surprise Eye-Contact Fear

    Just moved to a new place and an anxiety I've had since I was a child has returned. As I'm in my room, I'm always terrified that I'll look at my door and see a small face peering around the door. The biggest fear of this (I have a clear picture of this situation and to it as I type) is that...
  3. P

    Bug eyed

    Have this neighbor that i usually see and he has the strangest bug eyed stare like angry confused e.t. Makes eye contact but no speech. Any thoughts on what or why could be the reason?
  4. H

    Eye contact and staring - makes me seem weird and is killing me

    Hello everyone! I hope someone here can help provide some advice. I have some issues with eye contact and perepheral vision that are really annoying. I don't know if it is a mental disorder or something physical. The problems are: 1.) I have hyper sensitive peripheral vision, with the result...