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  1. S

    Bipolar and Relationships

    Good Day everyone. I was diagnosed 13 years ago today with Bipolar I and II or as the doctor called Mixed. I was 20 and now 33. My symptoms were extreme. I was hospitalized for a year due to the extreme symptoms I had. For the first little while, the meds had very little effect on me. The dosage...
  2. B


    Hi, I’ve been given 25 mg of chlorpromazine. I was given Quetiapine but had a really drastic reaction to it. I’m scared to take the chlopromazine but feel I really need to try. Anyone have any experience of it to share. It’s for extreme anxiety/ intense emotions/ depression
  3. A

    I'm overwhelmed and don't know how to cope

    Hey guys this is a bit of a touchy subject. My anxiety is riding high and I've already had a couple of anxiety attacks in the past few days. I don't have anyone I can turn to right now hence I'm here. My biggest problem right now is that I'm everyone's martyr and tonight I had a phone call from...
  4. A

    Are these feelings a common part of growing up?

    A curious, disturbung sense of a profound loss that triggers rage, deep grief and even suicidal thoughts was a "gift" I first received on my sixth birthday while laying in my bed with tears in my eyes. Ever since that day, every single birthday keeps making those feelings much deeper and much...
  5. Jbb79

    Yo -- New theory !!

    I Have this theory, That there are Three types of, People !!! People that care about themselves more than others (I Call this Psychopaths) People that care equally about themselves and others, roughly (I Call this Orthopaths, from Latin, Right Feelings ) . . People that care less about...
  6. K


    Hello... I am a new person here hoping for some understanding and I guess an outlet for my anxiety. Bit of back story.. I have suffered with anxiety in varying degrees now for about 7 years. I cant recall exactly when I started but I think it has gotten worse. I lost a few close family members...
  7. J

    Please, I beg you. Help me understand what this means. My boyfriend's symptoms are overwhelming me. I need guidance as to what to research and look in

    Please, I beg you. Help me understand what this means. My boyfriend's symptoms are overwhelming me. I need guidance as to what to research and look into. I am on a NAMI forum but no response yet. I have also posted this on r/MentalHealth but also no responses yet. Please do not delete this...
  8. maggiecraft

    What do you do if you still have nightmares about past bullies ?

    I am almost going on 30. I still frequently get nightmares at least 2 times a week that I am still in school with the same girls and boys that used to bully me. I wake up with extreme anxiety and I have to remind myself it’s over and done with but it feels so real . It’s been going on like this...
  9. A

    Help me!

    I have an extreme irrational case of gymnophobia. I have considered hypnotherapy but it’s grown worse and worse over the years. I don’t know how to overcome it and it’s ruining my life and relationship because I can’t be in the same space as someone if nudity is shown. HELP!
  10. S

    False memories and brainwashing self to believe something that didn’t happen, happen

    False memories and brainwashing self to believe something that didn’t happen, happen Hi, a little nervous as this is currently my first time actually talking on a forum but recently I’ve been going through an extremely rough time and there’s one thing on my mind that is effecting my...
  11. A

    Not Sure What’s Up with Me: TW list of symptoms

    TW: List of varying self harm and self destructive behaviors Hi everyone. I’m brand new and I’ve read the rules and guidelines but if I say something that is irrelevant to this thread, please let me know so I can do better next time I post. I can’t find a thread for general things, and this is...
  12. P

    anti depressants and the true benifits do they really help

    hi guys iv had issues for over three years with depression and anxiety.. been on citalopram diazepam trazodone and martazepine over this time all except martazepine were for 6 plus months or more... (martazipine i quit after 3 weeks due to extreme and i mean EXTREME rage and anger issues) which...
  13. S

    Extreme separation anxiety from phone

    Hey, I suffer from extreme separation anxiety and boredom and mood swings when I'm not texting or on the phone. It's gotten really bad and I feel like I need help with it as I can't even go to the cinema without needing to step out to check my phone. I need help but I find it's the only way I...
  14. S

    How to set boundary with BPD friend?

    I'd really appreciate some advice on helping my friend, who I believe has BPD, as well as anxiety, depression, paranoia/agrophobia and no support network. She had a very troubled childhood and cut off her family. This is definitely where her problems started - although she hasn't told me all, I...
  15. B

    Do i manage myself well?

    Some days when i go in to work i just absolutely hate everybody; especially the ones causing me extra stress and i wish i could beat them all up. Not that i actually would; i just have a lot of anger sometimes and i play it off by joking around and focusing on work (unless it hits a high point...
  16. M

    Food to combat anxiety (and psychosis)

    Hi all, I suffer from anxiety nearly constantly at varying levels. Every winter, I also suffer from psychosis, again of varying intensity. I got it into my head that I need to look at some possible remedies (or things which might help even a bit) and food is definitely one of them. What...
  17. A

    Extreme bodily harm

    I don't know what's going on recently. Like the past week. I've had fantasies about giving myself extreme wounds that will leave permanent scars. I dont know why. I want to see the wounds up close, I want to feel the pain. I feel like an idiot or somethings wrong with me.
  18. D

    Don't know where to turn.

    I'm at my gp nearly every week and getting passed back and forward between services trying to find the. The right help and medicatation. I'm finding it hard to be listened to or maybe I don't explain myself well enough I've been on many medications which all made me better but worse now my...
  19. O

    Hi everyone Ive struggled with mental illness for a while

    Hi. I'm new to this forum stuff. I hope to figure out more about my illnesses through this. I developed depression suddenly when I moved to a new town in 3rd grade, being put in new social situations. Relatively recently I've developed extreme attachment issues that seem impossible to break...
  20. I


    26 years old girl from Norway. Struggeling with depression, anxiety, self mutilation and possibly personality disorders. I was studying to become a teacher and finished my studies last spring, got a job and lasted around two months in a job no one could do (seriously, it was extreme) before I...