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  1. qwerty1234

    Work rant

    My work is sophisticated and takes a lot of thinking, so I do it in bursts. I have finished about 2/3 of a small but careful project and don't feel as rewarded or grateful as I think i should. I like external validation a lot and I think that may be part of the reason. I also experience a...
  2. K

    Inner happiness vs striving/pleasure

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if this post is not really right for this section of the forum! To give you a bit of a background, I'm 37 and have suffered on and off with anxiety and depression for my entire adult life. The last year or two I've had something of a dip after...
  3. N

    External Paranoia - & Medication Treatments - Working?!

    Good afternoon folks, I recently had a question through the forums put to me, are my meds working - now, they ought to be and definitely are; however, i do have external problems outside of me on occasions which can trigger me unwell, temporarily; such as if low helcopters are hovering...
  4. N

    Slightly Baffled/Puzzled

    HI All, I was out shopping for mother, and when out, waiting for bus returning back to home, I thought that within me, I had a heard voice materalise, out when shopping - unheard of, I am pretty well in that respect, transpires, it was external, and it was a mother at a distance away from me...
  5. S

    My take on Voices

    As I see it, everyone has watchers. These watchers for the majority are silent - they listen but do not interact with the individual for the majority of the time. Certain events, thoughts or actions of the individual will sometimes trigger watchers and they can become more visible to the...
  6. letmein

    can we talk please?

    hi, I'm working with my shrink on dealing with what I say are voices inside my head, I don't hear external voices, just internal and have done now for about 5 years. I'm on haloperidol which helps but dosn't get rid of them. what I need help with and please try and be as honest as you can, is...
  7. I

    What are your theories for what the "voices" are? Are your voices internal or external?

    What are your theories for what the "voices" are? Are your voices internal or external? I would like people reading this who have voices, whether they be internal or external to share their experiences and insights into what they think these voices are Hi, My voices are "external" and I have...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet


    Well this illness never ceases to amaze. Even after nearly 30 years of symptoms. For the first time in my life I'm being treated for them and the symptoms are adapting. Never heard the stars talking to me before nor had them stare at me. But that happened a few days ago. I'm having voices also...
  9. Gajolene

    Scitzophrenia and Scitzoaffective disorder what's the difference?.

    I get this all the time from people where I live telling me that JS and JD are or "Have the same thing" "Well they both hear voices don't they?" Or I've heard of that "They are all Paranoid and dangerous" Those people couldn't be more wrong people really don't have a clue and cling to the...
  10. amathus

    Seven Ways Mentally Strong People Combat Stress (Article)

    While stress causes some people to crumble, mentally strong people continue to thrive in the midst of added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for self-growth. Whether they're dealing with financial setbacks, health problems, or workplace difficulties, mentally strong people...
  11. D

    I have been feeling really anxious and obsessive about a specific issue please help to put my mind at ease.

    I have been feeling really anxious and obsessive about a specific issue please help to put my mind at ease. I need advice regarding Usb flash drives/memory sticks and external hard drives, has this caused damage? My Usb flash drives/memory sticks and external hard drives are in a little plastic...
  12. A

    External force is counteracting my movements on my command

    On my command, I can command an external force to stop certain movements, such as moving my leg. Like this: Me: Don't let me move my leg. Outside force: Ok... I am unable to move my leg. Me: Let me move my leg again. Outside force: Ok... I am able to move my leg.
  13. C

    North West London

    Harrow The Bridge Christchurch Avenue Harrow Middlesex HA3 5BD Tel: 020 8427 8528 Email: [email protected] Monday to Friday 9.00 - 4.00 Hearing Voices Group runs every Thursday at 11.30 - 12.30 The Bridge Day Services provide a therapeutic programme that works in partnership with...
  14. F

    So frustrating.

    I fing it very hindering. They are part of my external reality. I have put the headphones on even though doing so makes me paranoid.
  15. D

    New Experience of Hearing.

    I have started my new medication dose of Seroquel today and I am hoping that the voices I have heard in the past were only a result if sleep deprivation, only a few weeks of taking my new meds and good sleep will tell I suppose. I told my pdoc I dont want a diagnosis of Pychosis, and he said...
  16. M

    Distinguishing Voices, Self from non-self.

    Hi, on various occasions since i was 16 i have heard what i think are the voices of others in my mind. This used to happen really rarely and only when i critically needed it. Last week one of my dogs died and at the time he did, i started hearing another voice. While these voices are not...
  17. B

    Can smells be all in my head

    I am loosing the plot with smells in my flat and a weiring noise at night thats keeping me awake really loud. The smell is really ackrid and it is only at night its not cigarratte smell and my mum said she can not smell nothing, its getting on my chest and making me even more anxious . The...
  18. fluxo

    Psychosis proper.

    Ia a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.
  19. Lalabee

    so ..

    my psychiatrist temporary cencelled my appointment and ive been on an internal anxious rampage since today .. then it became external and borrowing my dads ativan will eventually get old ...... i wish i knew what was wrong with me .
  20. S

    strange new symptom

    Today I've experienced a strange beeping sound in my ear.It sounds just like a morse code beep.I dont think it's tinnitus as it only happens when I am hearing an external noise.Speech is accompanied by a series of beeps which are in time with the words spoken. Anyone experienced this?