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  1. Kerome

    Experience experts and their place

    I've recently been coming across a few more experience experts in the field. These are people who have first hand lived experience of mental health, are largely recovered though they still have crap days and have to keep working on their own recovery, and are part of the psychiatric care team...
  2. F

    Benefits of antipsychotics outweigh risks, find experts

    Written by Medical express Read more at: Benefits of antipsychotics outweigh risks, find experts Controversial? Sure some will disagree. Full paper Загрузка статьи
  3. F

    Journalists, Medical Research and Medical Practice

    As a medical writer and as someone who works in the daily trenches of serious mental illness in my own family, I find people like Robert Whitaker dangerous. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he is a medical journalist from Boston who is highly critical of the long term use of medication...
  4. pepecat

    Evning classes that promise to make you happy.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34292274 The Dalai Lama has given his blessing to a new course of evening classes, available across the UK, promising to make participants happier… and the world a better place. The eight-week course, designed by the Action for Happiness organisation, claims to be...
  5. C

    BPD family

    My sister has a very severe case of BPD. She has been inpatient at mental hospitals upwards of a dozen and a half times. She has been in outpatient programs more than that. She is heavily medicated. Additionally she was convinced to try ECT and has permanent brain damage. No Medication or...
  6. C

    Experts wanted for North West London MAD Republic

    Experts wanted to form North West London MAD Republic Are you a resident of one of the following North West London boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Harrow and Hounslow? We are currently recruiting 4 experts by experience per borough...
  7. shaky

    Schizophrenia and Alzheimers have same weak spot

    The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to UK scientists who have pinpointed the region using scans. The brain area involved develops late in adolescence and degenerates early during ageing. At the moment, it is difficult for doctors to predict which...
  8. supergreysmoke

    Good Spider Season Predicted

    BBC News - 'Good spider season' predicted by experts 'Good spider season' predicted by experts Experts have said people can expect to see more spiders in their homes than usual this autumn. Professor Adam Hart, from the University of Gloucestershire, said he expected a "good spider season"...
  9. D

    Is the Doctor's Surgery Out of Date or are we Just Dim, and that includes the Waiting Rooms....

    Is the Doctor's Surgery Out of Date or are we Just Dim, and that includes the Waiting Rooms.... Advice needed an na needed BIG[B]. I've got a snall problem in that there is some kind of conspiracy going on. Now I do nof want to sound to James Bondz but now you got to now know, in my opinion...
  10. F

    Leave the Schizophrenia Diagnosis to the Experts, Please!

  11. F

    How to care for patients who have delusions with religious content

    To improve outcomes, look beyond delusion content and enlist spiritual care experts http://www.currentpsychiatry.com/pdf/1101/1101CP_Harrison.pdf
  12. F

    Is Addiction Simply a Brain Disease? It Is Now

  13. BillFish

    Mental health experts warn against pace of incapacity benefit cuts

  14. M

    Hi To All

    Hi my name is Lucy and Im 46 and live in Coventry. I am diagnosed with Borderline and Anti Social Personality Disorder (not much hope really) lol. I was having therapy at a personality disorder unit here in Cov but then suddenly the experts decided that if they progressed any further with...