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  1. S

    Did anyone experience anxiety out of nowhere?

    The first time even I had anxiety attack I was 23. I was studying at university and was doing my work placement, was in a good relationship I generally had no stress at that time. And boom anxiety hit out of no where on day. Imagine the shock of feeling all this unfamiliar anxiety, I never felt...
  2. J

    Depressive Psychosis

    Hey all, My name is J, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking to hear of some other people's experiences with psychosis as a result of severe depression. If any of you have stories and experiences to share, please comment. I've been experiencing depressive psychosis for a little while now and I'm...
  3. A

    My Mirtazapine Experience

    WARNING! Do not take my personal opinions as a medical advice! Mirtazapine is a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant drug with a very interesting non linear action. It's effects are very much dose dependent. At 7.5 mg it has a strong sedative action, while it's adrenergic...
  4. W

    looking for someone to talk to please

    i was abducted and tortured as a child. blocked it out for almost 30 years. im finding it extremely difficult to find other people from developed countries (not in a war refugee context ) to talk to. there must be (unfortunately) someone out there who has some similar experience? i would like...
  5. M

    psychosis drugs restlessness

    what exactly does ability do ? doctor is giving me nothing ...saying it will help me think clearly. what about restlessness. anyone have experience dealing with restlessness as a result of ap drugs. thanks
  6. M

    Exercise for Biploar?

    What’s everyone’s experience of using exercise to manage symptoms?
  7. Kerome

    Psychosis as a result from an intensive meditation retreat

    I found this an interesting article, written about his own experience by a man who had had a psychotic experience many years ago and had recently done an intensive vipassana retreat and suffered another breakdown. Some good stuff in there about the various authors he contacted and interviewed on...
  8. GhostRagdoll

    I'm not sure what's really wrong

    Hi there, I'm a new user. You can call me Marie. A bit about myself before I bring up what's bothering me right now, just so you have some backstory. I'm 26 years old and have been suffering from depression for 19 years now, I also have NVLD. For the past 7 years, I've been suffering from DP/DR...
  9. M

    Stimulation vs Relaxation

    Hi all, Name is Martin, 28 years old and currently seeing a neurological naturopath & recieving some therapy (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’m finding a challenge with something. Things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last several years, lots of stresses too like moving...
  10. J

    Anyone Taking Brentillix?

    Hello, I have been taking Brentillix for the past 10 weeks, and it seems to help me. However, I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It has helped me get out of a deep depression, although I am certainly not symptom free. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this med and how it has...
  11. M

    DMT trip in my sleep.

    This experience us not translate able in this form. Let me say, I hate all you telepaths. If I could know if the aliens weren't real people and just borrowing them in other ways they can create scenes I would love their guts right out of them. I just had the single most amazing experience of my...
  12. J

    ANy experience with Zopiclone sleeping pills on here?

    anyone tried these? i have been on and off them since the summer this year. currently on my fourth prescription but i am extremely worried now as i feel i cannot sleep without them! and even then i still dont get a great nights sleep. i am on 7.5 and have been cutting them in half so having...
  13. N


    Hi, I’m new here. I posted in one of the lower tagged sections because I’m having quite a negative experience with the CMHT. I’d really appreciate some advice. Thanks N
  14. U

    Feeling Lost

    Hello, I’m a 3rd year graphic design student at University of Portsmouth and I’m doing an ISTD project where I have to design a typographic work exploring the theme Lost. I decided to look at the experiences of feeling lost / depression as one of my topics to focus. I don’t really know anyone...
  15. M

    Trying a new approach

    I've suffered from anxiety for over 30 years. This has been quite debilitating at times, although I have generally always been able to function as far as the world is concerned. But with a clear pattern of just about holding it together. Until the last few years I just thought it was 'the way...
  16. E

    PIP assessment nerves

    Hi everyone, I’ve got my PIP assessment tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Denying me into meltdown.Anyone got any experience? Thanks Ollie
  17. H

    5htp / serotonin supplements

    hi folks: wondering what experience people have with 5htp. I started 5htp recently (2 weeks ago).. am noticing some of these side effects - sleeplessness every 2nd night, - choking feeling, - general feeling of being "keyed up" or more anxious, - difficulty crying (without this I cry buckets)...
  18. N

    My assesment (PBD)

    Hello folks. I did a test related to Borderline. However, I found some questions and didn't really know how to answer them. I'd be glad if you could tell me if my answers are appropriate. Cheers. ************************************* 1. I nearly always feel “empty.” That's a tough...
  19. 5


    New and just wanted to say hello. I have past experience of mh issues but currently stable.
  20. Shana09

    Why is this happening, am I cursed?

    I don't know how to explain this properly but I'm going to try... I feel cursed, like if you get too close to me then something really bad will happen because I can control things with my mind but the things in my mind are not me and not my thoughts... My mum's childhood friend who she has...