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  1. bert tomato

    What should I do?

    One of my mates from school has booked a hotel in Cornwall and a surfing lesson for this weekend. I didn't ask him, he just did it and invited me to come. I have done surfing before and didn't really enjoy it, I prefer just going to the beach and having a little swim. What concerns me is the...
  2. A

    Mixed brands of Olanzapine

    My doctor changed brands of medication a few months ago and i believe consequently i had a relapse, i was better on Zyprexa and want to go back on it but my doctors are saying it is too expensive. Has anyone had this happen to them? Or any ideas of my rights as to getting to go back on it? Thanks
  3. E

    psych in Perth

    Hi I an looking for psychologists in Perth that are not too expensive it bulk bill can anyone help?
  4. diamondshine


    Just a random question (whcih might be answered by my dr anyhow before anyone finds this post!) but does anybody know if GPs will prescribe dressings? Or is that considered encouraging SH? I bought some from a pharmacy but they're really expensive to buy, just wondered if i could get them on...
  5. H

    Being sectioned is b* awful

    Gail Porter's account: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2025741/I-drugged-eyeballs-men-thought-Jesus-Gail-Porter-gives-haunted-account-weeks-sectioned.html Glad she got some help in Thailand, long and expensive and potentially dangerous though if still 'high'.
  6. ali

    skint and bi polar

    Hi all, is anyone else fed up to the back teeth with famous people saying mental health can affect anyone???? yes i know this is true but they can just book themselves into any expensive clinic , not have too wait for weeks for an appointment and still moan............... thank you rant...
  7. amathus

    NHS CHOICES: Fitness Suggestions Article.

    A fairly broad introduction to ways of achieving fitness.... as you will see it doesn't always mean expensive gym costs: http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/Pages/Fitnesshome.aspx qf.
  8. B

    I searched

    Hi I went on the internet and searched for her. Every site requires payment. It is so expensive. I want to find her the real her.
  9. J

    Why am i doing this... ? ?

    Right stopped selfharming for 8 days now... Thats the good new's.. Bad news is... I'm still stealing make up.. :/ Lord knows why ive got loads.. && It's not like im stealing the cheap stuff i'm stealing the expensive stuff!!.. It makes me fel happy but i want to stop it it's getting a bit out of...
  10. R

    Seeking Help

    I think I just figured out that I have an avoidant personality disorder with a side of impulsiveness. I'm really not sure where to go from here short of going to an expensive doc. I'm just fed up with all of it.
  11. T


    I'm into my third week of drinking after a 12 year break, and it feels effing glorious. won't be able to keep it up though, its bloody expensive these days.