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  1. S

    Hi, not sure where to start

    Hey, honestly I am not diagnosed with anything and I might just worry too much, but I would like to hear some perspective on what you people think. I have so many things that are kind of bugging me about myself, but I don't know how to form a coherent picture about them. I am an a weird place...
  2. soulsearcher

    going to hospital, what to expect?

    hey peeps so the dr from home treatment team has deemed that im too high of a risk for suicide so im now on a waiting list for a bed, so i was wondering in regards to going to the hospital, what to expect?
  3. soulsearcher

    CPN - what to expect?

    hey peeps, so im suppose to be finally meeting my cpn for the first time today at 10am, its early quarter to 11 and he still hasnt turned up... so i was just wondering what should i expect to happen?
  4. R


    Hey everyone. I'm new here. I have been battling depression and anxiety for my whole life, at least as long as I can remember. A week ago I had my first doctors appointment in about 4 years and was prescribed sertraline. I was hoping some of you could share your stories with the drug or other...
  5. B

    i don't understand...

    This is how the pain starts: I think I meet my soul mate, they turn out to break my heart, but I am never at fault, although, I constantly break it off and start again. I can't seem to think straight when someone I'm interested in my presence shows me attention. I never think about...
  6. S

    DBT Pre-treatment - anyone any experience?

    Hi I start my pre-treatment for DBT next week and I've no idea what to expect. Has anyone done this? Thanks M
  7. soulsearcher

    psychology - what to expect?

    hey peeps so ive finally got a psychology appointment soon, ive been on the waiting list about a year or there abouts i did have an initial assessment and they mentioned dbt but i dont know anything about it anyways im just wondering what to expect?
  8. S

    Bi polar

    I am the mom of a 21 year old daughter . From age 4 they diagnosed her with ADD. She has been on several meds since diagnosis . In the last few years I’ve noted several changes in my girls behaviour . She is suffering . Everyday is a challenge . Met with the general dr yesterday . Talked with...
  9. nickybow86

    First phyciatrist app tomorrow

    It's my first phyciatrist app tomorrow morning for official diagnosis. What can I expect to happen at the meeting ?
  10. Danniegirl1990

    What should I expect of a "voice clinic"?

    I have an appointment for a "voice clinic" in a couple of weeks... has anyone heard of or been to one? Please let me know what to expect.
  11. B


    I went for an assessment at my CMHT with an NHS psychiatrist 5 weeks ago and he diagnosed me BPD. He said they will send an appointment letter out in the post for us to discuss next steps/medication. Am I being unreasonable to think I should have at least had an appointment letter through...
  12. soulsearcher

    going from home treatment team to CMHT, what to expect?

    hey peeps as per thread title, im going from home treatment team to CMHT, what to expect? reason being is because they want psychology for me and they dont offer that on the home treatment team and they want to discharge me so i can see a psychologist and i can get psychology done... just...
  13. M


    I have been referred to see a psychologist, what should I expect? m
  14. mami5

    Clonazepam anyone?

    I've been prescribed this today. I've never taken it before and was wandering if anyone has tried it and what can I expect?
  15. Mark_01

    expect to be accepted

    Can a schizophrenic ever expect to be accepted by normal society? Normal to me is the vast majority of people who are welcomed and accepted by nearly everyone. I think people with mental illness, especially schizophrenics, are the lowest of the low and rejected by the majority. We scare people...
  16. S

    What can I expect, tapering medications?

    I don't know when this will happen, could be the begining of next year or in two years time. What can I expect if I am to taper off 15mg aripiprazole. My plan is to take 12mg for 3 month, then 10mg, 7mg, and 5mg for 6 months each. I don't expect to get as far as 5mg without having symptoms...
  17. Z

    New bee here

    Hi New Here. Suffer from GAD..... and OCD.. never done a forum before, so very new to this. Don't know what to expect. .
  18. S

    Living skills

    Anyone know what living skills is I have an assessment for the group tomorrow and am really scared don't know what they expect or want from me
  19. E


    Hey guys. My psychiatrist is wanting to try me on a 'mood stabiliser' He hasn't confirmed which one yet though. I'm currently on Trazodone and have also been on antipsychotics as well. Has any one here has dealings with mood stabilisers ?? I've no idea what they are or what to expect. Thanks
  20. M

    ESA Assesment Help

    I received a letter telling me that I have to go to an face to face assessment for my esa. I have been worrying about this now all the time as I don't know what I expect. I got finished from work about 7 months ago due to my ill health ( bipolar and anxiety). I'm really worried about this and it...