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  1. G

    i keep having terrible anxiety about existing

    sometimes its a lot less, usually during the day, but when night comes i have awful anxiety about the fact i exist, time is moving and unstoppable and that one day i will not exist i know it wont be for a long time, but when i think about that i think about how a few months ago, i didnt think...
  2. garbageg4

    I'm alone

    I have walked through life hoping for good to happen wanting to learn and be good like everyone else. Every path I have gone down has led me from bad to worse. I have never succeeded only brought hardship on others. I constantly see the look of disappointment in the eyes of everyone around me. I...

    Why does the universe exist? | Jim Holt

    Do you ever wonder why the universe exists?
  4. albie

    My Only Dream Is death

    I'm not sure it is depression so much. More that I have seen through the illusion of life. People have dreams that are achievable. These dreams are really not worth having. Some have dreams that will never come true. The dreams are not really worth having. Isn't it better if we just didn't...
  5. O

    I feel Invisible like I don't exist , literally. Please read

    Hello Everyone. I am new here to this site and this is my first post. I got diagnosed with a Dissociative disorder recently. One of the symptoms that bothers me the most is that I feel invisible like I don't exist. I mean I can see myself but I don't know how others can see me. I don't know...
  6. A

    Existential anxiety?

    Since November I’ve been struggling with this. I’ve realised essentially life is pointless, we are all going to die and cease to exist. Nothing means anything, there are no rules nor consequences and essentially we are all alone. I think that’s what scares me the most the fact that we are all...
  7. supergreysmoke

    The Voice of God

    Does it exist?
  8. S

    does happiness not exist for me ??

    really , is happiness something im allowed it feel s like its allowed for others .... where is mine :-) i can't say i haev ever truly been a happy person .. does it exist ?? anywhere . will i ever be happy or is that just for others
  9. BrianHorlicks

    Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible

    Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible - Biblical Archaeology Society
  10. W


    Do I actually exist? I'm scared. I feel so isolated and separate from others that sometimes and more frequently every day that I am more convinced I don't really exist. I'm a ghost who is deluded in to thinking i am a living being. No-one on the forum can help because none of you can confirm my...
  11. cpuusage

    Why People are Obsessed with Sex

    Why People are Obsessed with Sex | The Unbounded Spirit "Sexual intercourse is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. Through the communion of the sexual act, two persons can merge and disappear into one another and experience ecstatic moments of love — moments everyone is deep...
  12. dreambuggieIII

    Sympathetic Satan ? Unlikely :

    If God doesn't exist, than how do you know his name ! ha ha ha Only angels need to RSVP
  13. P

    We all live in created metaphors.

    You've never seen stranger shit than this. We live in a concocted set of metaphors. Like the eclipses, they put them there and they are metaphors that exist right in front of us. These metaphors are everywhere in the life's blood of the earth. I couldn't believe it either.
  14. P

    Speaking with voices some more.

    Said the higher ups consider all consciousness to be of great importance. They said without the alive ones then all of existence would be an unconscious slumber and nothing would really exist because none would behold it. They couldn't stress that enough. With none living then nothing would...
  15. calypso

    Do I exist?

    Do I really exist? I'm not sure. I might not answer, so please be patient with me.
  16. sahasrara

    today I feel like I don't exist

    Today I feel like I don't exist. Mind in overdrive that the bf is messaging some other girl. About to leave for 12 hour shift at work. Arrrggg
  17. cpuusage

    Schizophrenia, does it exist or not?

    An interesting article - https://www.schizofreniebestaatniet.nl/schizophrenia-does-it-exist-or-not/
  18. ScaredCat

    Want it to end

    Thoughts want it to end. Not like it will ever get better. Why delay the evitable. Want to finish it. I know i can and i know no one will find me for days which says it all really. I dont exist anyway
  19. F

    loosing control

    Decided to come off of quetiapine as it makes me zombiefied and I feel like it prevents weight loss. I've been coming of it gradually...like how the dr took me off of sodium valporate before. Still on it. Starting to feel really low and like my life is out of my control. Self medicating to numb...
  20. *autumn*

    all perspective, yet none

    Does anybody here feel like they aren't individual but everybody else? A sum of everything? It is what i am experiencing. I feel like i exist for everybody and myself at the same time.