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  1. S

    I have NO motivation to exercise

    I’m disappointed with myself because I have NO motivation to exercise at all. I haven’t been to the gym in about a month (or more). I pay $65 AUD per month for my membership there, but I’m thinking about cancelling it because I hardly use it. I have a lot of difficulty in finding a sport or...
  2. B

    Over exercising

    I’ve always been a normal eater (far as calorie intake). My problem has always been exercising. I can do it for hours. Not keeping still but in constant motion. Not sure what that’s called. But I’ve messed my knees and back up. Making it impossible for me to run, anymore. I ran a lot for over 15...
  3. F


    Anyone else have difficulty breathing? I feel like i can't get a full breath and like i have been exercising. It's a horrible feeling.
  4. S

    should i stop exercising ?

    it is associated with increase in manic eposides hearing voices ordering me to stop exercising espaicially running is important for me to maintain my weight and my life quality anything good for me and voices increase and order me to stop what can i do ? thank you friends
  5. B

    think i'm becoming a hypochondriac

    i think i'm becoming a hypochondriac. i have many aliments, and being honest when i go to the doctors something is always found. for instance a few months back with everything else going on i developed a pain on the right just below my belly button, and on bad days it would go right in to my...
  6. B

    Worried about my son.

    Hi all, My son is 15 and has lost quite a bit of weight recently. Over the last 6-7 months he has stopped eating any sweets, crisps, chocolate etc although he is eating three meals a day. He's exercising a lot as well but when I spoke to the practice nurse a few months ago she kind of laughed me...
  7. E

    What's wrong with my life?

    At this point I am not sure if I have depression or maybe it's just me. Over the past year or so in my new school I have been under a lot of stress. Academically, and many other responsibilities and duties I have. However I just can't seem to get anything done... Everyday after school I just sit...
  8. G

    No motivation

    I have zero motivation to do anything at all even though I would like to I would like to be on a diet and exercising I'd like wen just to get off the couch , I am just lying around on the couch the last few days and I keep fLling for little naps every half an hour. Could I be run down?
  9. P

    up finally!!

    I'm finally in a good mood!! The weather is finally nice!! And I'm finally exercising again!! Trying to enjoy before the down part of the roller-coaster comes..and I hit bottom. Lol!! For now though..I will enjoy. ;)
  10. B

    Very low energy

    My energy levels are often low. It can be very frustrating too be low on energy most of the time. I find it helpful to keep pushing through otherwise I would just isolate myself. I am not on any medication and I have found exercise helpful in the past. I am walking a bit at the moment and I will...
  11. M

    Fear of becoming unhealthy

    Hi I think I have a phobia of being unhealthy. It's just that I was very very unhealthy and overweight maybe like 3 years ago, and due to being overweight I had some other medical issues as well. Thankfully I am free of those now, as I started exercising and I lost more than 15 kilos and I'm at...
  12. Starless

    Battling daytime lonliness

    Hi all, been a long time. I think I've gotten too used to having constant company. My partner started a new job this week, but before that we were living in each others pockets and I was happy with always having someone at home with me. Now he's gone for the vast majority of the day, I'm...
  13. Teakita

    Feeling Determined!

    Hey People, Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been in a dwell of my own thoughts of negativity. For the past week or so I have been in a most darkest place where I feel so tired during the day and end up in bed sleeping some of the time and when I wake up I feel like I want to be...
  14. K

    Bulimia/Anorexia/Excessive Exercising

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has all three like I do? Have you found a way to cope with Bulimia/Anorexia/Excessive Exercising??
  15. bipolarbear55

    Exercising indues my Mania and Mixed episodes!

    Exercise can indue my mania and mixed episodes. Does anyone else get this? I have to be careful how much exercise i can do and watch out for warning signs. I am on Olanzapine which makes me eat like crazy and I'm not able to exercise to much. Do you have any ideas how i can stop gaining weight...
  16. F

    Should I worry?

    My friend has been making herself sick after eating for the past month or so. She doesn't do it regularly, and she only does it in her own home, but I'm worried it's going to be the start of something. She's never been happy with her weight, but she struggles to lose weight in healthier ways...
  17. Prince Buster


    It was a real struggle at first, but I am starting to notice the benefits of going to the gym regularly. I was told it was good for serotonin levels and must admit I do feel better mentally after. The downside though is that sometimes it wipes me out and I am also suffering from various pains...