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  1. F

    Positive psychology exercises can be harmful for some

    Positive psychology exercises work by developing people's strengths and emotional resources, thereby building their resilience to depression. For a new study, Susan Sergeant and Myriam Mongrain wanted to test the idea that these exercises will be more effective if they're tailored to people's...
  2. N

    Does exercise help your mood?

    Just wondering if exercise helps the way you feel, my neighbour mentioned my doctor can refer you to the gym.. half the time i struggle to get out of bed, but if it helps im willing to give it a go.
  3. C

    Quetiapine Weight Nightmare Continues!!

    Right, so a couple of weeks ago I lost my job due to public sector cuts. Determined to make something positive come of the situation, I decided to use the time to get fit and healthy and sort out the horrendous weight gain induced by quetiapine. So, for the last two weeks this is my life...
  4. M

    what are you up to ??? Im back into the exercise again !

    Hi all, how is everyone? what are you upto this week ? Im back into my exercise again......... Ive lost a stone so far that was about 2 months ago, I hit the gym hard combined with healthy eating and since then Ive managed to stay at the same weight :) Ive got another month until I start...
  5. Pixie37

    Is Poker A Sport?

    I love poker and keep hearing it getting called a sport? Do you think it's right to call it sport when there is no actual physical exercise to it? Is it not just a brain game? What do you think? http://news.wedoitallvegas.com/articles/is-poker-a-sport.html
  6. Pixie37

    What exercise, sport and leisure do you do?

    It's been a while since i been on here. I play badminton and go walking reguraly now :dance:. I also like to play games on my ps3 and online - texas hold em is my favourite. And i like to read feel good books as an escape in my leisure time. What exercise, sport and leisure do you do? Pixie :)
  7. bipolarbear55

    Exercising indues my Mania and Mixed episodes!

    Exercise can indue my mania and mixed episodes. Does anyone else get this? I have to be careful how much exercise i can do and watch out for warning signs. I am on Olanzapine which makes me eat like crazy and I'm not able to exercise to much. Do you have any ideas how i can stop gaining weight...
  8. J

    3 times a week

    i exercise 3 times a week and i dont think im losing weight. i want to lose weight but im not... :stomp:
  9. mrlaurel

    24 hrs to S day...............

    hi folks, hows you and what you up too? Tomorrow is S day for me (stan day) I'm starting a new "plan" which I hope will inprove my mood and get me doing more than I am right now.... here's a list of small things I aim to chnage in me, I know I won't be able to do it all in one day but I...
  10. B

    Weight gain Olanzapine/Amisulpride

    I have been on anti-psychotics now for 8 years and through taking Olanzapine and Amisulpride I have gained three stone. I have tried everything to lose this weight - diet and exercise, personal trainers, going vegan, you name it but I just cannot shift the weight. The psychiatrists have been no...
  11. J

    I Don't Know How To Deal With This (ED)

    I need help :( I think I have an eating disorder. We talked about them in my Nutrition class (how ironic, I'm a Nutrition major) and ever since then I have started thinking about the way I eat and how I think and, well...it scares me. I think it started when I was little. My parents fought all...
  12. S

    No exercise - This is driving me nuts

    My turn to have a moan ;). I have Pleurisy as a result of a 13 week Chest Infection. What a fool I was, I must have been delusional thinking I could live my life fully med-free of every drug. I wouldn't touch a thing and now I'm paying the price. It's been so painful I was in A & E all day on...
  13. bulbie

    Need to lose weight, I look pregnant!

    Ok so now I've got to do something. I weighed myself tonight, first time in a couple of weeks, and I've put on half a stone. And I look pregnant. Thing is, I've no idea how to go about losing this weight and getting rid of the belly when I'm not allowed to do much more exercise than getting...
  14. A

    Coffee, exercise, cigarettes & meat?

    I smoke, I like coffee, I'm a meat eater & I don't get enough exercise. I keep thinking what things would be like & how much better I would feel if I could stop smoking, do more proper exercise, cut out coffee & drastically reduce meat consumption for a more vegan/vegetarian diet. Such...
  15. prairiechick

    Very Discouraged

    I am at my wit's end with trying to lose weight. No matter what I tell myself I will do, I never manage to keep it up long enough to lose even 5 lbs. I hate the way I look, and the way I feel. I am 40 pounds overweight. I am lethargic so much of the time, and that often gets in the way of...
  16. Mood Indigo


    After 4 litres of cider and a litre of wine this evening you would think I would out of it - but my cognition is fine. I think I'm in the grip of my shadow. I've always been a drinker but lately it's been off the map. I feel in complete control yet I'm drinking like a fish. It's like...
  17. rollinat

    Sparkpeople - free diet / fitness site

    Don't know if any of you have found http://www.sparkpeople.com/ yet - it is a free site where you can log what you eat and what exercise you do, and set goals for yourself. It's an American site so a lot of the food items are geared towards the US but there are a good number of British people...
  18. R

    I need a good exercise routine as a good start to get fit! Any suggestions?

    I need a good exercise routine as a good start to get fit! Any suggestions? Hello, I am 14 yrs old and I'm trying to get fit and lose a bit of weight. I'm 135 lbs....not a good weight. I've been eating too much lately. I would like to get down to 120 or 115! I don't want to push myself too...