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  1. sunset547544

    What factors do you think can cause a bad day for you ?

    I have good days and bad days. On a bad day I am continuously trying to work out what might have caused it. To a large extent I know it is beyond my control and sort of random but I thought it would be good to get other peoples input on this. Sorry if this topic has been done before ! What...
  2. Aurochs

    hi hello i'm new ,

    Hello folks. You can call me Aurochs, or Lyra. I'm Aurochs because Uruz was too short. With regards to mental health, I've been diagnosed with Anxiety NOS (it used to be Generalized Anxiety Disorder but I changed psychiatrists and got a new one apparently), Derealization - Depersonalization...
  3. F

    Exercise isn't a cure-all for mental health problems. For me, it quickly led to self-destruction

    Exercise isn't a cure-all for mental health problems. For me, it quickly led to self-destruction Chronic depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bulimia and anorexia binge/purge subtype have plagued me for ten years now - and exercise as therapy has proved a double-edged swords...
  4. megirl

    Feeling good.....

    I have been feeling the best I have for a long time bit un-motivated but I just need to have a few goals to keep my brain on track! I have put on almost 3 kgs over the silly season so thats a pain but however i have hardly done any exercise really the poor dogs been missing out I am sure he...
  5. S

    Exercise and drugs like Invega

    How important is it to stay active while on anti-psychotics? I'm tired all the time and smoke like a pack a day.
  6. J

    after being anorexic and loosing weight... how do make sure you dont get fat again within less than a week?

    after being anorexic and loosing weight... how do make sure you dont get fat again within less than a week? SO after being anorexic, and u lose weight, what did u do so u dont go fat again? do you hav to slowly start having more and more calories every day/week till your eating normally again...
  7. E


    I seem to be thinking of suicide quite a bit, im sitting myself down in my chair, so i dont do anything, but i feel hopeless, and unwanted. i want to say goodbye to everyone, and i want people to forget me. its not something that i will do, but i want to. ive tried everything, from writing...
  8. Y

    Depression and Exercise

    Had an appointment with my GP today and he asked about what exercise I do, most at the moment is walk the dog once in a blue moon - lucky if I do that once every three months to be totally honest. I go out on the odd occasion during the week with family, but even then its not a huge walk and...
  9. shaky

    Why does peace and calm turn nasty?

    The peace and calm I felt on and after my holiday is disappearing And now, although I fell less agitated than normal, it is developing into a dangerous calm The sort of calm that allows me to self harm in a dispassionate, disinterested way. Sort of 'so I [non-specified self-harm] myself - it...
  10. G

    Medication has now lead to purging

    Hi All, I wanted to ask some advise from perhaps others that may have experienced a likeness in what I have. I was officially diagnosed with severe depression and am on the 3rd stage of NICE treatment due to so far being treatment resistant against antidepressants. Whilst I am augmenting from...
  11. L

    Boyfriend with bipolar disorder is obsessed with bodybuilding. Please help.

    Boyfriend with bipolar disorder is obsessed with bodybuilding. Please help. I need advice about my boyfriend who I'm pretty sure has a bodybuilding addiction and OCD. His psychiatrist diagnosed him with bipolar and he's on abilify after trying latuda but just falling asleep all the time...
  12. Kerome

    What does 'spiritual health' mean to you?

    I was talking in another context about what it means to be healthy, and mentioned physical, mental and emotional health, when it occurred to me that there was a fourth component that I was leaving out, namely spiritual health. On exploring that thought, I came to the conclusion that it would...
  13. PonderingSweets

    Exercise to relieve anxiety?

    Hey there. I have had GAD for about 18 months. I tried yoga and other breathing techniques both nothing is working and I often feel very angry. I have thought about a boxing class. Does anyone think this a good idea or tried anything else to help?
  14. Kerome

    Techniques that help with Tactile Sensations

    Since I often have sensations of being able to feel my energy body, I thought I would post up a few things that have helped me from time to time. I was listening to Eckhart Tolle, an audiobook of his book A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, and I came across an exercise where he was...
  15. B

    cannot think inside my head

    Hi all. I have a real problem thinking inside my head,it has been getting worse the last few months and it has got to the point where I am literally biting my tongue to try and stop it. I also day dream so intensely that when i come out I have been muttering and pulling faces without me not...
  16. B

    Benefits of exercise

    When I came out of a two year paranoid psychosis, I relapsed on smoking dope and the psychosis started to come back, I finally gave up dope and all other drugs to get high. I was so ill mentally and very unhealthy physically, I started to run and swim and eventually started to dance. I have done...
  17. C

    The power of movement

    At the moment I am in an ok place. Meds are working and if not exactly singing and dancing my way through life things are ok. But every now and then I get the hand flapping jitters and can't focus on anything. This happened this morning. I have loads of things to do, all of them jobs but ok ones...
  18. C

    New here and struggling

    I'm a 19 year old guy and have dealt with depression, insomnia and anxiety for the past 2-3 years. I've found that exercise and good quality sleep help the most, but bringing myself to exercise is unbearable at times. I'm studying at university and working part time. I've got a plan to exercise...
  19. G

    Starting exercise?

    Ever since I got depression I've been neglecting my health a lot. I used to get really sick from lack of sleep and not eating well a few years ago, I'm better now but I still don't take good care of myself. I gained weight because I completely lost the motivation to move and every time I try to...
  20. B

    Advice on tiredness/fatigue

    Hi. I'm hoping someone has some advice they can give me. I'm struggling with the symptoms of depression. I have really bad fatigue and am no longer able to exercise. When I try, I feel like I'm made of lead and can barely move. I'm struggling to do my job because I need more rest. Worst of all...