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  1. M

    Exercise for Biploar?

    What’s everyone’s experience of using exercise to manage symptoms?
  2. C

    Unsure how much to exercise

    Hi, It might be a bit unfair to post on this forum as I don't feel I have an eating disorder so much. As I am underweight though, after loosing weight a few years ago, I'm also really trying to gain weight at the moment. I'm just a bit unsure what approach to have towards exercise with the very...
  3. M

    Exercise every single day

    It's really helping my symptoms. I started about 2 weeks ago I'm devoting myself to exercise everyday. It's really working. Drink your 8 cups of water. And take care of any other health issues. I even tried to eat healthy meals. I'm also taking better care of my skin, showering daily and...
  4. Kerome

    Vigorous exercise “worsens dementia”

    Rigorous exercise does not halt dementia decline, study concludes | Society | The Guardian
  5. J

    When is exercise okay?

    I've been struggling with an eating disorder for about 7 months now. Days where I just don't eat or eat very little. I used to exercise as a way to make me feel better but I cut it out when I realized what I was doing. Now, I'm really feeling anxious because of school stress and I want to go on...
  6. S

    I have NO motivation to exercise

    I’m disappointed with myself because I have NO motivation to exercise at all. I haven’t been to the gym in about a month (or more). I pay $65 AUD per month for my membership there, but I’m thinking about cancelling it because I hardly use it. I have a lot of difficulty in finding a sport or...
  7. F

    Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise

    Posted by Mayur Ranchordas Jan 22 2018 Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise What do those here who exercise a lot think ?
  8. T

    Rocky road with ed - need advice on Orthorexia

    So I’m well into my recovery from anorexia and am fully weight restored (plus some which is okay). My anorexic behaviours began with the ironic and toxic “health kick” and really just spiralled from then on. I had a few health complications and my lymph system began to shut down, creating...
  9. T

    Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

    Before Christmas, I was on a healthy path. I felt energized in body and mind. Then I fell off the wagon spectacularly. However, receiving this e-mail has given me a timely reminder of how good I felt when I was eating well and exercising. I wanted to share this article with you because it might...
  10. L

    The most low key exercises

    Because of my symptoms with my Schizophrenia and Tardive Dyskinesia, it is impossible for me to dance, so I don't do that. And, the only real exercise I can take part in, without feeling crippled, is walking and yoga. If you can think of any other type of low key exercise I can handle, even...
  11. Alex_Nash

    getting fat from AP

    I'm going to take risperidone 1ml the next day. If I eat well (low carb) and exercise I will still get fat?:panic:
  12. P

    Do you exercise?

    Me, yep, everyday. I go on long walks with my dad and cycle. I also play tennis with my mum and go bowling. I sometimes do aqua exercise and soon im going to do bootcamp sessions in my local sports center. 100% sporty, lol. How active are you guys?
  13. P

    Losing weight on antipsychotics

    I want to get back to the original weight before I started antipsychotics (which is 50kg, now 56kg). I calculated my tdee and ate below that. Ive now been the same weight for over a month and cant lose it. Do i have to keep going even lower than my tdee? Also I do 2 hours of exercise everyday...
  14. P

    What do you do all day?

    I read so many books that i wish it was my job. I read all day. Last October i read 15 books!! Besides reading, i like to exercise and watch YouTube videos. What about u guys? 😛😜
  15. C

    I am grateful for my physical fitness

    I noticed that when I walk, I automatically walk quickly, and I walk quickly even when there is a steep incline. I exercise every day, and do strength training every other day. I am grateful that I am able to exercise and be in good physical shape. I am on olanzapine 10 mg. My overall level of...
  16. W

    Looking for Advice. Fiance with Chronic Bulimia

    I've been with my fiancé for 5 years now, engaged for less than a year. She told me about her eating disorder very early and said she has had it since her late teens and has dealt with it off and on ever since. It primarily takes the form of Bulimia with an obsession toward exercise as a...
  17. I

    Physical health

    Let's discuss physical health too. What are your, thoughts, tips, tricks, and questions about physical health? Anything from diet to exercise? Of course we have to talk to our doctors about diet and exercise programs. Please share. Let the topic begin.
  18. H

    OCD and exercise

    First time posting, I've only been formerly dealing with OCD for a couple months now and recently it has begun to affect my health. I used to be able to exercise all the time but recently It has just been to hard as i constantly obsess about my skin getting ripped off so lifting weights terrify...
  19. B


    Exercise, i keep hearing its good for depression so I'm having another go. tried before (cycling) but I'm so unfit and live in a hilly area i gave up. i had a big birthday recently so put the money i got towards an electric assisted bike. went out on sat and sun, dint go far about 3 miles. but...
  20. C

    Why now? What now?

    Hey guys, I have been strict to a meal plan and exercise plan because for 4 years they worked so well. I was motivated, energetic, fit, beautiful, high performing, happy, active, and honestly extremely lean and muscular. I ate 100% clean (100%. For 4 years. High high protein, high fat, low low...