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  1. G

    Feeling paralysed

    I just had an exam that I worked hard for, and it went badly. Afterwards I started off like usual when I finish an exam walking around unable to do anything that I want to do or need to do out of shock and anxiety. But now a couple of hours later I just feel absolutely paralysed in my chair. I...
  2. Z

    fear pardox

    Hello! I am writing from Poland. If I fail, if I writing incoherently, this is the reason ;) I want to talk about popular paradox: When you're driving car, it is risk of accident. You could die. But most people are not scared. Often they're going too fast just for fun. When you're talking to...
  3. 0


    Hello. I'm 19. I am aware of the situation with people my age, we make dramas about everything and sometimes it's not even that important. I'm here to know if what I'm going through is normal at my age. I feel like crap. The best time of my day is when I go to sleep. I have no hobbies, no...
  4. E

    Please help fix my life!

    Dear Mental Health Forum, I am a freshmen at high school. One of my life's ambitions is to be very good at math and physics and to make the International Physics Olympiad before junior year of high school. So far, I am in the process of preparing for the F=Ma exam, which the top 300-400...
  5. G

    I'm so embarrassed

    Yesterday I was having an exam and I had to write a short essay about the flaws of the educational system of my country and what I think should be improved. At some point I decided to write about how students don't learn how to appreciate certain things and think for themselves so I wrote...
  6. P

    Exam results

    My exam results have been posted today, but I am too afraid to collect them. Studying a masters degree, even though suffer from severe anxiety especially related to exams. What should I do?
  7. K

    Fear of exams leading to depression

    Hii all I am an MBBS student from India and have been suffering from depression for the past 11 years with remissions and relapses. my depression occurred for the first time while i was in 8th standard. i had lots to study for the final exam and i lost my sleep during that night . it was a...
  8. M

    NPD has been killing me since 2007!!!! please help!

    I am Md. Momenul Hasan. First sorry for my poor English. I am 21. I am a student of Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering of a renowned public university in Bangladesh. I have been facing a great problem for the last 4-5 years. I am going to make a briefing about my problem. I fantasize, fantasize and...
  9. NicoretteGummed

    Today has been a Good Day because.................

    I passed the retake of The Presentation Exam I failed last week. Just got one more Unit to go now. It's a sort of Lucky Dip Exam that could either be Word Processing, Spreadsheets, or Presentations. When I've got that I've Passed the whole ECDL Level 2. And after that fingers Crossed...
  10. G

    Big uncertainty..

    Hello to everybody, :goodluck: I' am new to this forum, but fairly experienced in mental issues. I will try to describe my situation as clearly as possible. Sorry for language mistakes. I' am 21 years old, undergraduate student. Something very deep happened to me. Past winter i was working...
  11. Rock_warlock

    My LUCK cheated me in exam and lead me to worst circumstances , Please Help me !!!

    Can you please guide me in my worst circumstances ?? ATLEAST REPLY SOMETHING................. Dear friends and experts , i was preparing for engineering entrance exam IIT JEE in 12th standard in INDIA. As i am above average student in studies .I went to coaching that year to a very far city...
  12. Rock_warlock

    I'm very DEPRESSED the way 'Society' and my 'Luck' treats me . It's request... please help me ???

    I'm very DEPRESSED the way 'Society' and my 'Luck' treats me . It's request... please help me ??? Dear friends and experts , i was preparing for engineering entrance exam in 12th standard . As i am above average student in studies .I went to coaching that year to a very far city from my home...
  13. prairiechick

    Depression interfering with my course work

    I have an assignment that was due on Monday, but I've been so depressed and lethargic that I can't focus, and when I try to put everything together, I just can't do it. It's 2 weeks until my exam, and I still have one assignment for my computer course to finish by April 10. I am very anxious.
  14. P


    So i'm fairly sure i have insomnia now, im only deciding this now as i have an exam at 10am and for the past 6 months i lie in bed until the early hours. does anyone here know if insomnia would fall under extenuating circumstances because im really worried that if i fall a sleep soon, then i...
  15. L

    Seemed to have been over stimulated by this forum

    Feeling rather manic, which is nice enough. Probably a bit too much touching of my privates however. Reading all this erm esoteric thinking that goes on here is a bit stimulating. Maybe its also the chance of attention as well. It's lovely to come up with theories and have people comment on...
  16. diamondshine

    placement next week

    My placement with Boots Pharmacy starts on Monday. It's for 8 weeks and I am really looking forward to it. But I'm also insanely scared about it! I have to get the train at 8.09, having walked to the station - and i'm still on olanzipine which makes me really REALLY struggle to wake up in the...
  17. B

    What is wrong with me?

    I had a weird instance last night where some unpleasant thoughts started to worry me, and then the less I tried to think of it, it consumed me. Then ofcourse I became very worried/stressed that I'll never be able to rid myself of these thoughts which will further stress me. It was like a...
  18. L

    Universal force interacting with me

    I've been battling with a personal issue for quite some time now. It causes me a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety. And I decided that now is the time to deal with it. Basically, I have this thing in my head that's always telling me what to do. I see it as a universal, all-knowing figure. I will...
  19. The_Cigarette_Monster

    Hmmm... Exam tomorrow, I know nothing and am not tired! Yay!!

    Hehehehehe I have an exam tomorrow, in 8 and a half hours to be exact. I literally know nothing about P.E. But am just gonna blag it! I might just rant at them for not listening to seals, seems like a good idea. I'm really not tired just happy and I've taken about 4 of them Kalms sleeps tablets...
  20. T

    Lolli_Liability - Lauren update ! (BP)

    So today Lauren had her first GCSE English Language exam. I was able to pick her up at nine and take her to her exam at school she was in the exam for two hours then i took her back to the unit. On the way to the exam she was calm and not very chatty , on the way to the unit she seemed tearful...