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  1. H


    My mental health problems are vast and I was always told by an abusive family that I exaggerated things, clearly this made their denial of what happened so much easier if they’d built this image of me exaggerating what happened. The things that happened are what they are, it’s not really...
  2. V

    Physically ill

    Generally feel very well mentally these days but at the moment rather anxious that I am physically ill/have serious illness. I do have reason to believe I could be but I don't know whether I'm exaggerating in my head or whether it's reasonable. Is it likely that this feeling will just pass?
  3. H

    referal letter

    the gp i saw referred to me as a lass, which i think is inappropriate and said i had a bit of anxiety and depression, making me out to be a over exaggerating. like i am not saying i have the worst anxiety or depression and it has not been going on 50 years, but i dont think it is accurate.
  4. B

    Lamictal - vulnerable

    I don't know how to call this but I'm getting too emotional. I'm exaggerating things and feeling too bad, crying, getting angry with people and making them sad. Normally everything is good. I'm active, energetic, happy. But I'm so touchy. I haven't argued with my brother for years and did not...
  5. Colorfulcolors858

    Another panic episode

    It's getting worse each time I'm distressed. I gave myself bruises on my forehead by hurting myself. It's just like at that moment I hate everything including myself. My head hurts like crazy and I don't think I can go on like this especially without meds. I've told my psychiatrist and they just...
  6. porkpie

    Support worker told psychiatrist I was 'faking it'.

    I'm just looking for some support and advice really as I've become anxious about a off hand comment my support worker said to the psychiatrist. I jokingly said to support worker I was faking my illness for benefits and their isn't anything wrong with me which I think is a coping mechanism...
  7. D

    Accused by counsellor of making it up or exaggerating!

    At the suggestion of my GP and my work I've been going to counselling only to be told yesterday by the counsellor that I'm either making up my illness or at least exaggerating it so that I can keep being signed off work! I had told her that I was being referred to the MH team so I could get a...