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ex boyfriend

  1. O

    How to help my (ex)boyfriend suffering from a major depressive episode?

    My (now ex) boyfriend and I have been together since January. End of February, he lost his job. He was having a hard time finding a new job, and one night coming back from a friend’s house end of March, he got a DUI (.085 but was unable to get it reduced). The DUI, losing his license for at...
  2. S

    My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why?

    My psychopath ex has made a fake Instagram profile and is stalking me. Why? It’s been almost 2 months of NO CONTACT with my psychopath ex who ghosted me. He literally had all the traits of a psychopath. Anyway after he ghosted me, I didn’t react neither did I block him. He unfriended and...
  3. M

    Psychotic Abusive Schizoaffective Boyfriend

    I'm having a really rough time. I had to cut my schizoaffective ex bf out of my life. We were friends before we dated. Last Tuesday he started sending me psychotic and abusive text messages. He called me the c word about fifteen times, he called me a b.itch, a w.hore, a s.lut, he called me a fat...