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  1. L

    No way out

    So.. This year has been the hardest by far. Just as I was starting to feel better & stronger, nudes explicit photos of me were posted everywhere online and sent to practically everybody I know by malicious evil people set out to ruin my life. Every waking moment now I absolutely hate. Constantly...
  2. Jbb79

    I Got punched in The Face xx

    When I was 19, in Aalborg, I got punched in, the Face .. I Heard a Voice, it Had Too much authority -- It sounded, Like God xx He said, 'I am EVIL !', Not about Him-self -- But, He was talking, To me -- saying, that I -- Not him -- Was evil .. I Fell down and, when I Fell, I Heard sound, of...
  3. I

    I'm Evil

    I don't love babies, children, and animals at all like I use to. Not even a little. I stopped loving them and wanting to care for them in the middle of 2015. What's wrong with me? It is our responsibility as adults to love and care for them. They are the only truly innocents on the Earth. I want...
  4. S

    weird experience

    hello friends, I am new on here. I am in my early twenties btw. I wanted to ask about some experiences that I have been having for about the last 6 months. First I began having nightmares that would seem to loop over and over, then I would awaken screaming or in sleep paralysis. Then I also had...
  5. T

    is this OCD

    I'm not sure if this is a form of OCD or anything but i n my head i keep saying and thinking of bad people like Hitler and Jack the ripper and so on. Now I'm scared why do I keep saying there names in my my head i know there evil and had but it scared me to think am I doing this becAuse I like...
  6. L

    New member

    I have just found this site . I am a mother , grandmother and a wife to a lovely man . For many months now I have not felt good , not talking and crying all the time being very aggressive and short tempered sleeping all the time completely no interest in anything and sometimes becoming so worked...
  7. D

    To many evil people in my house

    There's 3 people in my house that only I can see think I need to go out but if I do I get into trouble
  8. B

    Hearing evil voices in my head/feeling someone is there

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but lately i have been struggling with hearing voices in my head and sensing presences and feeling sensations that they're there.It's not a external voice.I can see dark shapes and sense that they are are around me.Sometimes i feel they are following me.The...
  9. S

    Treatment by the book was wrong

    My wife was very attached to her father. Her stepmother convinced her father to cut my wife out of his will so that she would get all the money. My wife's father died and my wife found out that he had cut her out of the will. It was very painful to her that her father who she loved and...
  10. A

    I am evil

    I saw my CPN today but didn't tell him I'm evil as I wasn't feeling that way when I saw him. However since then, my thoughts have been snowballing and I am now convinced I am evil, and I'm scared to go out in case I hurt anyone. We had talked about how I don't like going out in case I do get...
  11. A

    I don't want to live anymore

    Life is too painful. I can't keep going. I've been texting the Samaritans which has helped alleviate some of my distress. I still have the urges to harm others which I've been having. Because of those urges I believe I don't deserve to live any more. I have come to the conclusion that I'm...
  12. mami5

    Devil's child

    I am evil. I have Satan's blood running through my veins. I am his child.
  13. cpuusage

    The real agenda / truth is apparent

    BBC knew American corporate ‘racketeers’ were influencing UK welfare reforms - BBC knew American corporate 'racketeers' were influencing UK welfare reforms There are some very Evil people out there.
  14. A

    Belief Crisis and parents think mindfulness is evil! >_>

    Has anyone had a belief crisis? Meaning I been going to therapy and I discovered all my beliefs I got from was from my highly suspicious parents. Now I don't know what to believe in. My family has used the beliefs to put fear in me to control me. For example I been doing mindfulness because...
  15. X

    Do you believe that if someone does something evil in this life they will suffer after their death?

    Do you believe that if someone does something evil in this life they will suffer after their death? As in karma or anything like that?
  16. Leslie(notmyrealname)

    Evil Disgusting Monster - a poem I wrote about OCD

    I'm a captive Of the obsessive Compulsive disorder An evil disgusting monster It's in my brain It's got me restrained With these invisible chains My energy is drained It's cheating me out of a life With these fake disgusting thoughts I live with a knife to my throat It's a continuous battle...
  17. cpuusage

    The evil that is within

    The evil that is within http://www.storygeist.com/2017/02/25/the-evil-within-us/
  18. S

    My Experience, am I really ill?

    When i'm unwell or am I unwell. Well in an extreme state, sensitive, full of emotion and having my firmly held beliefs I seem to find myself in this reality but also in another reality. The way I see the world completely changes and to be honest I don't know if it's real or not looking back...
  19. C


    Hi all, I hear voices and whereas I used to think it was telepathy now I think it's spirits. Does anyone else think there voices are evil spirits? Sometimes it feels like god is punishing me. It's awful!
  20. Nikita

    Benefits 2017

    I have been trying to find out how soon support group disabled people can expect the regime to be implemented whereby we will be made to have work coach sessions in return for our benefits with the condition that we find something we can do to work and be subject to sanctions and probably have...