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  1. T

    My last problem

    First off thank to every member that supported me someway in this forum. Now, my last problem is my most troubling, and panicking one: i have some kind of belief i can't ignore: everytime i touch something ir do something i didin't do for much time, i will change back to who i was like before...
  2. T

    help again

    okay as many know i suffer from ocd i think and the topics i have surrounded that are varied from Aggressive thoughts to Sexual and a lot of others like suicide death incest so when i forst got these thought they did scare me i did cry some of time times and i didnt want them but it seems like...
  3. P

    Have you had any other mental illnesses in the past or now?

    I used to have really bad panic attacks, but i learned how to cope with them without therapy. I also had an eating disorder, EDNOS. I still kind of struggle with my ED. Everytime i reach a goal weight, i want to lose more and more. I have been very underweight before. Its hard to not force...
  4. A

    Not sure what's wrong.

    hi. ive been with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half. at start, he seemed so loving, caring and all. times passed, we always got arguments. we cannot handle things out. a lot of things to argue with. everytime i try to talk about it, it end up he got pissed off. lately, there are no days...
  5. 6


    If my counselor mentions mindfulness and CBT one more time to me I might throw something at him. Everytime I see him he says "did we go over some mindfulness exercises to try?" YES WE HAVE EVERYTIME in the last 9 months that I have been seeing you. GAH. obviously I need a new counselor. Why...
  6. BigAma

    Bipolar boyfriend

    Waited for my boyfriend to get better for a few years. I didn't want to believe there was anything wrong with him, but he is BP. He gets so anger everytime I try to sleep at night. One night he got really angry because I told him to turn down his video game. At first he refused but then I asked...
  7. K

    I think I might have depression

    There are days when I feel extremely down and I think about the point of it all, trying so hard to function as normal, study, and act like I am okay; when in reality I just want to be alone somewhere no one can find me. There doesn't seem to be any specific triggers for it and on days like today...
  8. S

    Taking notice of my depression

    I've noticed that I seem to get really run down very poorly when my depression cannot keep in anymore. I have also noticed back pain from the top half of my back also. I also suffer psoriasis but that isn't necessarily linked to my depression. There must be some link with me because it is the...
  9. J

    First Time Joining This Type of Forum

    Hello Everyone, My name is Jhiggz. I decided to join this forum today mostly because I want to know if other people feels the same way as I do. I am sorry if I offend some of you because of my English Grammar. It is not my first language. I do not know if I have depression or anxiety, heck I...
  10. P

    Student suffering from anxiety. Need help.

    I am a student. I am describing my own condition here in hope that someone will help me. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and some OC symptoms. Its been two years since my problems started and i feel like I have made good progress. Maybe. My doctor told me that my obsessions would come and...
  11. dubblemonkey

    i do too much

    everytime oxxo
  12. D

    Telling GP about self harming help

    So everytime i go to my GP for anxiety i never mention i self harm because i just dont know what to say. Have any of you guys been and if so what did you say and what was their reaction? Thanks
  13. A

    My girlfriend is living with schizophrenia diagnosis, please help

    Hi, im new to this forum, i had to post this, i wanted to discuss it with people who are much more knowledgeable and have some past experiences. Im, 24 years old, my gf is 21. We got into a relation last year around this time, she's was intelligent, hard working, very very creative and a...
  14. feymayte

    should I go back?

    So this time last year I got diagnosed with bpd, I also have anxiety and depression. I was on tablets but decided to come off them with the help of the psychiatrist. However for the past year my mood has been all over the place. I dont know whether I should go back to the gp to go on tablets...
  15. Z

    Why does my mum act this way?

    I live with her will move out soon and in my late 20s. Everytime my sister and her boyfriend come and help her out with things like the garden etc she ignores me etc. In the past prior to this the boyfriend was always mean to me nasty looks and slimey comments. They try to cover it up by doing...
  16. dubblemonkey


    it seems that everytime I try to be myself! I get compromised... I keep trying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwUBfqE0Rf8
  17. J

    where to start again...

    This is the 2nd time I've made a thread about my depression. It's just getting worse and worse and worse.. I'm always feeling down and horrible. Theirs many issues on why I'm like this.. but recently what's made it worse is.. I split up with my girl.. I can't find a job and I have to do things I...
  18. M

    stupid habits

    I dont know if im alone on this but i have for many years been driven crazy by habits rituals i cant stop .I get it in my head if i dont do certain things the same way every time something will go wrong these include having to face up condiments in the cupboard have footwear in a certain...
  19. C

    Therapy question

    Hello everyone, I self harm and my therapist told him everytime i feel like I want to do it to text him and tell him, no matter what time of day it is and he may not text back right away or text back at all but to just text him. I'm confused about why or if this is ok too do? What you you guys...
  20. HelloGuys123

    Why do I love attention so much

    Hey people! How's your day? I want to ask about this feeling I have. I myself don't have any ideas what cause me to feel like wanting more attention. As far as I know, some people hate attention seekers due to their behaviours. I don't think my behaviour really causes irritation to others as I...