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  1. N

    EU Nationals Might Be Required to Leave Britain after or on 2021

    Hi Evening Folks, I was feeling fine, very much happier linked, by my very strong mutual admirer, this evening, separately at the moment, hoping we'll get together, and, I happened to have read up about the EU National settlement Scheme from March, and deadline until 2021 in that year. My...
  2. O

    First post in 3 years - Advice welcomed

    Hey, I write this post as my second entry on here since i joined & posted in 2015. Having reread my post from 2015.. much is still the same. I am still scared to talk to anyone as I fear I become a number in public statistics and labeled as someone who has mental health issues. Over the past...
  3. B

    I'm really scared

    Hello all, It's hard to post this but this week has been possibly the worst my mental health has ever been. Since Saturday i've gone downhill so so fast. I had a little worry, It started as a minor worry, then it developed inside me to a concern, the grew larger and larger into a huge...
  4. N

    CMHT Referrals, Preparation

    Hi Evening Folks, I have always been a firm believer, in preparation, before an actual live session of which ever sort of activty. In time for my last flying visit to cmht back in 2015, I prepared a debrief, of my daily management for coping with mental health and stratergies/activities on a...
  5. T

    Very very depressed

    Good evening, My name is Tabatha I am new in here. Um I really don't know what to say so I'll leave it as that I guess
  6. N

    Those Autumn/Winter nightime blues,/Fluxoetine treatment

    Hi Folks, Due to mental health problems whilst away, and also travelling back to home in all day wet on Saturday, I have been severely irritible, and leading almost which isn't at all like me, into slight depression, and what with the autum/winter nightime blues literally starting to bite, I...
  7. N

    2 Long Journeys - Anxiety (no not regarding Father - for once)

    Hi Evening Folks, I have had slight anxiety come over me. Tomorrow and Tuesday sees 2 very long journeys, and I am beginning to wonder, that with the cooler weather blissfully, and my aches and pains in legs, if I'll be able to manage such a long ride, off course we will be taking breaks, and...
  8. M

    Drug induced manic episode

    Hi all, this is my first time to write on here. I just wanted to share my experience as I hope it would create awareness and hopefully prevent similar happening to someone in the future. Before this episode I have never suffered with mania or depression. In 2014 I visited a friend who lived...
  9. C

    Good evening

    Good evening everyone So after a tough weekend I find myself here looking through posts and looking for some answers within myself. I’m a healthy 33 year old guy who has been having issues all my life but only just got diagnosed with having mental health issues about 4 years. I first noticed...
  10. N

    Slept Very Well, Reducing, Side Effect

    Morning, Hi All, I happened to have slept very very well, from overnight, and up and about briefly at 4.30am, and gone back to sleep, woke up at 9.15am, from a deep sleep. Now, yesterday, I happened to taken a partial dose of 15ml, on the basis, with evening approaching sooner, I didn't like...
  11. S

    Depression lifts in the evening

    Hello everyone, I joined this community the other day and made a post in the 'introduce yourself' section. One of the symptoms I mentioned in that post was about getting relief from my depression/anxiety in the evenings. I seem to be at my lowest point when I first wake in the morning, I then...
  12. N

    Shaking - Anxiety (I have raynoulds also) and Fluoxetine

    HI Folks, I am just discovering this evening, and I was holidng my energy tablet, my hand wasn't hardly shaking, nor my index and thumb fingers. Now, I wonder, whether if the Fluxoetine can be in fact for counteracting anxiety, and I also had a hot cooked meal this evening, on the anxiety...
  13. N

    Meal Out Possibly for today - dose

    Morning Folks, There's a strong possiblity of a meal out parents and i for today, either lunchtime or in th evening - well the evening would suit me, because I would have my dose, and then be working. We'll see when our gardner is due to today also, so might be a bit tight to have lunch out...
  14. N

    Weather Most Likely - Fluxoetine

    Evening Folks, I had an idea, to help me see throuigh this evening, owing to the incoming wet weat her over the next coupel of days./nights, and strong breezes, I t houight oh i know, I'll have a dose of my Fluxoetine. So I s hall see, come half eight, quart er to nine, forgetting that I...
  15. N

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing Hi Folks, Whilst away and still away on holiday/vacation, I was finding later on in review mode, that 25ml was once more very very strong in the waking alerting sense, for during the evening and onwards and including...
  16. G

    Over 2 months now with no improvement. Terrified

    Hi, I am on 300mg Quetipine and 30mg Mirtazapine taken at night. I was on 45mg of Mirtzapine until the last 2 nights when my psychiatrist reduced it to 30mg because I thought it wasn't helping being on the higher dose. He also gave me 7 x 5mg Diazepam to cope with panic if I really needed them...
  17. N

    A series of group gathering heard voices

    Hi Folks, Admittedly, I had a slight fall, on Thursday. On icy condition, before I realised what was what. I had been happily trialing me on 20ml, of my antipshycotic and general mental health med brand, and allowing for family upsets, I was fine hearing voices wise, all of the sudden...
  18. M

    The Morning and the Evening Star

    So we are all supposed feel guilty for having a taoist soul. Part of us wants to rebel and the other part of us wants to conform to the will of the authority in game. Do you know that Christ was refered to as the Bright and Morning Star, the first created among. He was the Lord that Walked in...
  19. N

    Weird eating

    I feel so tired and i try to sleep but i cant so i get up and want to eat something and im not even hungry. I can go the whole day without eating then in the evening when i am bored i want to eat? Ive had this habit for months and i dont know how to stop it.
  20. C

    New psych, new sleep meds, now manic!!

    I saw a new psychiatrist this past Tuesday because my previous one never resolved my insomnia since 2013. And I'm tired. My new doc prescribed seroquel 200mg ER to be taken at 6 pm. Being exhausted it worked great the first two nights but I was a bit sleepy during the day. Tonight.... it's...