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  1. M


    Not sure if I’m on the right forum but here goes, so my 14 yo son asd/asperger,odd, hyper mobility has been settled in school for the last few years, he’s made new friends some good some bad but he’s settled, last year he was diagnosed with 50degree scoliosis, he will be having the operation and...
  2. L


    Im so depressed. I cant stop crying I cant breath properly. Im a kind person and help everyone else where I have all these mh health issues myself. I was talking to someone while I was evan overdossing the other night. Whos there for me? Ive got concreate plans in my head of how I want to end my...
  3. L

    What is this?

    I keep having thoughts of harming my baby and hearing voices that I need to protect my baby "she is in the river" "she is on the roof" ect for me to save her BUT I DONT EVAN HAVE A BABY. PLEASE HELP!! WHAT IS THIS? I'm so tierd.
  4. M


    Thought id start a new discussion if anyone is interested on HOUSEWORK. You can talk about dusting,hoovering,washing,washing up etc, wether you love it or hate it, the problems you encounter etc. You can evan share hints n tips. Ill start with my houswork; I cant stand it if i dont do it...