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  1. I

    Any advice from introverts please ? what should I do ?

    I am an introverted male 50 yrs old, I have only just realised how introverted I am within the last 5 years, my wife is very extroverted and we are clashing. I grew up with a controlling father, lovely mother, I couldnt get on with my dad so rebelled, became estranged around the age of 25. I...
  2. Run Like Hell

    My week in hell [trigger warning]

    What a week: *Can't get out of bed until teatime, spend all day staring at the ceiling. Time hangs heavy and each minute feels like an hour. Terrifying. *Have to go for long [2 hours] late night walks to get rid of the massive unbearable tension in my body. For half an hour before it returns...
  3. D

    Nearest relative

    Hi My mum is on a section 3 and has Alzheimer's. I am nearest relative as she has been separated from her husband for several years. They have remained friends and he wants to move in to look after her if she goes home. Mum agrees as she really wants to go home and I work full time including...
  4. V

    sister has cut my mum off from me and my family

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, i had been my mums carer for 9 years up to the incident in 2012 my dad died in 2003 and at the time my parents and i both lived in dorset. i have one sibling a sister who lives in surrey she used to visit my parents about 3 times a year and after my dad...