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  1. P

    It's me, Pokey

    Hello... I don't know what exactly to day so I'm going off the cuff right now. I should get out if the way the major issues I have. I have severe self esteem issues that dont seem to go away despiteJust recently, yesterday actualy; I tried to hang myself. I don't know what to do with my life
  2. qwerty1234

    low self esteem

    I am COMFORTABLE with low self esteem. Who cares what the world says about low self esteem. It is satisfying to be selfcritical and have emotion and weakness... we don't have to be positive all the time, that makes no sense. I would rather be accepting, embracing, analytical, sincere. The...
  3. J

    Hi I'm new..

    Hi I'm new to online forums. I have diagnosis of bpd, dysthymia and generalised anxiety disorder..I have been in recovery since 2012 and am no longer on anti depressants...for past year.. but have had lots of CBT based therapies the latest being a self esteem course. Learning to manage myself...
  4. Foxjo

    Husbands porn addiction ruining my self esteem

    My husband would rather watch/ download porn than be intimate with me. I have a high sex drive and would have sex every day if i could. My husband on the other hand shows little interest. When asked he says its not me its him. This is destroying my self esteem. I feel worthless, unlovable. I...
  5. Z

    Internalished shame

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to post in but.......here goes. I have recently developed the problem of experiencing a large amount of internalised shame. It all started a few months when I did something which, while being both childish and immature, was not anything seriously...
  6. T

    I am so down and depressed, I just want to stop crying.

    First post. So I have experienced depression on and offor for 14 years. I have been feeling very low for the past couple of months. I cry almost every night. I struggle to get to sleep most nights, getting up in the morning is difficult and I'm always anxious. I have had some great things...
  7. M

    Not sure if in right place (apologies)

    Hi guys long time no see I wish I could say I feel better and I'm much happier but I'd be lying (sorry if this is in the wrong place) I had two psych assesments since I was last on here the first said it was anxiety and the second said I had low self esteem they both recommended solutions drugs...
  8. E

    What is happening & should I get help?

    Hi there, I don't usually post in things like these but I figured I need some advice and don't feel comfortable going to my doctor just yet. A brief mental health history: Have always been a pretty anxious person, have had very low self esteem since I can remember, and a (mainly) untreated...
  9. P

    which part of my mental health problems should I focus on?

    hope somebody can give me some advice �� I have been suffering from mental health since a teenager I'm now in my thirtys I'm still very confused. I've had counselling and I've visited doctors a lot over the years and I don't feel there pinpointing my problems. and I'm starting to realise I'm...
  10. I

    should i get hair done?

    Hi I'm.feeling low self esteem because my roots are coming through my blonde highlighted hair and I used to get done every six - 8 weeks when had guaranteed job but now I.dont I'm scared of spending money however my roots are making me have low self esteem so should I get them done? Thankyou as...
  11. P

    Hello people!

    My name is Troy, I have depression and low self esteem. I Hope this site helps.
  12. I

    is my upbringing blamed for way i am now?

    Hi ever since I was young I was over protected,I was not allowed out on my own untill I was 16,I was not allowed to another town on.my own untill I was 17 and whilst everyone else was walking to school on there own I was not allowed to,I'm begingimg to.this this has really knocked my confidence...
  13. T

    I'm new and need to talk

    Hi I'm new here , the main reason for me wanting to join this site is to talk to people about the way I'm feeling , it's my first time dealing with anything like this , not sure if it depression , anxiety, low self esteem , paranoia or what I'm feeling at the moment and for the last month , but...
  14. T

    Voices and self esteem

    When I was a child I had a narcissitic parent, Physical emotional verbal psychological abuse. But it was the chipping away at my self esteem the your stupid your useless you can't even... Useless freeloader your pathetic, wiped out my self esteem stocks. And now as an adult the voices tend to...
  15. BorderlineDownunder

    Self Esteem

    I have zero. Or so I always thought. Now, after speaking to a couple of other ladies, I think I probably have 3/10. I hadn't realized what an issue this has been in my life, its been at the root of all the sloppy decisions Ive made and still make. So now its part of my Agenda. To actively...
  16. blueMandM90

    Any advice with improving self esteem?

    Hello Forum, My self esteem has been low since I can remember. Was wondering what things/advice/thinking has helped you to improve your self esteem?
  17. T

    Self esteem

    The reason most people have low self esteem is because of others. Everyone is so afraid of being judged by everyone around them that it is so hard to be yourself.
  18. H

    My self esteem

    Ever since I was a kid, I realized that while thinking about myself, I've gotten low self esteem because I was always a quiet kid as a kid and shy. My low self esteem developed because of If any type of bully made fun of me and all I would like believe it and I couldn't stand up for myself...
  19. T

    Duration of therapy seems too long

    I am a 35 year old man, and have been suffering from very low self esteem since my early teens. Needless to say, this has had a very negative impact on my life and resulted in depression. At 30 I cracked and decided to seek help from a therapist. Now, almost 6 years later (2 of which I spent on...
  20. W

    I don't understand depression

    I don't understand my depression. Yes, I have had difficult things in my life. Who the hell hasn't? Most people in the world have had more and worse things happen to them than me. Do I just not handle things as well as others? I don't understand why I get so depressed. Is it a biological...