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    Managing weight gain on Pregabalin

    Hello everyone I’d appreciate your tips and advice. I’ve been taking Escitalopram (20mg daily) and Pregabalin (200mg x3 daily) for about 2 years. I needed to lose a little weight when I started - nothing excessive - but since then it has been a real battle just to maintain my weight. If I...
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    Request for help

    I have been on Escitalopram 20mg,Pregalbin 150mg,Clonazepam drops(3 drops at night) and Mitrazapine 30mg.I was feeling better for 6 months.from past few weeks I could see my old symptoms reoccurring. My doctor tried to Diluxotine 20mg ,Flueoxtine though nothing was suited for me. I am facing...
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    Escitalapram for anxiety >>

    Hi all, just wondering how other people feel about escitalapram for anxiety? I have been on this now for nearly 6 weeks at 10mg - the first few weeks I felt god awful and had to take diazapam for the first week to take the edge off. I don't really feel it's had much of an impact, although...