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  1. E

    Escaped from insanity undiagnosed mental illness with psychosis

    I recently escaped from extreme insanity (undiagnosed mental illness with psychosis) and no one seems to care or believe me. My psychiatrist just recommended another antipsychotic. Some people have made it clear to me that people do not recover from this type of thing and that I must have...
  2. bert tomato

    Hi from bitterfruits

    Hi, First of all I would like to have the pleasure of introducing myself to this splendid forum. My name is bitterfruit. Please do not confuse me with burntfruit. He is a distant relative but one day he escaped through his bedroom window and was last seen in Ecuador. I enjoy many things and...
  3. Angels

    escaped from the hospital

    It was such a horrible place. ive never felt so homesick and so low in my life. the place was just awful. i worked myself into such a state that my parents took me home. im never going back. never.