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  1. P

    Need help with first time ESA assessment / ESA 50 / Severe mental health issues

    Hi all, It’s my first time filling in a ESA 50 in the 10 years I’ve been on ESA. Was also on DLA as am disabled but lost my battle trying to get PiP. Having received the form late I only have 9/10 days to fill it in now. My Conditions: Borderline PD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Depression...
  2. Screechout

    Esa/work assessment descion time scale

    I'm aware that it can take a long time for a decision make to make a decision but does anyone have a rough time scale. The thought of everything is really stressing me out a lot and I feel like I'm on edge waiting (have to go through it again when I get pip assessment) I'm also stressed about...
  3. A

    The Law, Acts of Parliament and The ones who ignore them.

    I have come to this forum to find other individuals who are in the same situation to support and be supported to stop accepting the system that does not accept us. We are individuals not numbers or letters or conditions or even our medications.
  4. M

    Can I do a course at the Open University if I'm on ESA and PIP?

    I really need some help, all advice is very appreciated. I missed my gcse's due to mental illness and as a result I have 0 qualifications to my name. I am in my early 20's now and still struggling every day with my illness but I have been thinking of the future lately and how I would like to...
  5. S

    help needed esa

    good evening everyone newbie here looking for some information at present i have been getting esa for 11 years now, and i am placed in the support group and i receive pip.also..i am thinking of getting married to my fiance who works full time , at present i live with my father who is disabled...
  6. W

    Anyone else been paid ESA early?

    Have received one week payment of ESA today. Payment is not due until 7th January. Anyone else been paid early?
  7. W

    ESA assessment

    I have my ESA assessment In a few weeks and I am worried sick, this is the thrid time I have been though this, please help thanks.
  8. S

    Asked to travel for esa assesment

    :panic: I filled out esa form stating I cant travel due to panic attacks severe social anxiety and depression everything I wrote was ignored the bastards at the dwp said I must travel to Glasgow or risk losing benefits :eek2:i am devastated just want to curl up in my bed and die in my sleep
  9. soulsearcher

    do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?

    hey peeps i was wondering do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?
  10. letmein

    is it ok to reach out?

    Hi guys, I know i'm not around much sorry, I have been dealing with stuff.... I'm in a mess, I'm feeling more and more suicidal n a daily basis. I can't get any peace from my thoughts. Money, debt, life, love. all fucked up.. and to top if off I got my ESA review forms today. can't get...
  11. W

    ESA reviews

    I have received the letter for my ESA review, currently I am in the support group and the last time I had a review it went well and was put back in the support group, the review was stopped halfway through as the Doctor knew that I had issues. I am freaking out this time I can’t stop thinking...
  12. Mayflower7

    ESA Income based

    Hi All, Had the dreaded brown envelope this morning, I am on ESA contribution based and PIP. It seems the DWP want to assess if I should have been on ESA income based dating back to 2011. I am so scared, massive form to fill in. Anybody else had this happen? Thanks so much for any support/advice
  13. T

    UC and 6 monthly fit notes

    Is this even if you are in the support group? 6 montly fit notes. It is a hard benefit to understand and i am dreading having to move over to it from esa. Friends are having big problems.
  14. N

    ESA Reassessment

    I'm so nervous I have an ESA reassessment and my ESA50 is due soon and I don't know what to do. :panic: There's too much happening and I'm overwhelmed.
  15. T

    universal credit

    I heard that if i lost esa support group, even though i have pip, i would have to claim universal credit to get housing benefit. I am worried about the details and haven't the energy to search for information. Will i be ok if i lose esa but want to live off my pip for a while? will they still...
  16. N

    A question about PIP and ESA

    So i have been on ESA for 13 years and have always passed my medicals with no problem, i was on Job Seekers Allowance but the actually courses i did threw me off and said i wouldn't beable to cope at work. Doctor has always agreed. I was on DLA for 6 to 8 years exact dates unknown then in...
  17. Artmuzz

    ESA not paid in bank

    I have been on ESA support since 2015 and this is the first time that I’ve checked my bank and my ESA hasn’t been paid in which has got me worried and giving me panic attacks as I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder. I usually get paid every fortnight. The strange thing is that the...
  18. E

    Help - ESA Face to Face assessment

    I am a 31 year old man I suffer from body dysmorphc disorder, anxiety, acrophobia and depression which has me suicidal, more so when in contact with people I don't know as it makes me very paranoid. I live with parents and never leave the house because of this and feel really pathetic. I have...
  19. cloudberry

    ESA and PIP together?

    Hi everyone, I recently had a Work Capability Assessment as I am on ESA. She asked me if I was also on PIP, I said no I wasnt. She suggested I think about claiming for PIP too. Does anyone on here claim both? What should I consider or think about before claiming PIP? She was a really nice...
  20. cloudberry

    Adjustment Disorder, ESA and driving

    I've been on ESA (contributions based) for a few years now. Last year I saw a psychiatrist and he said he didnt think I had Borderline Personality Disorder at all, he thought I had Adjustment Disorder and sent me a letter saying so. I had a Work Assessment a couple of months ago and showed her...