1. qwerty1234

    Professor anxiety

    Ugh, the nicer a school you go to, the bigger the egos of everyone around you, especially the profs. I had a neuroscience prof who never replies to emails like a normal human being. You can feel him reading your email and deliberately not replying to boost himself up over you. There is no...
  2. C


    Advice/help welcome! I am new but have an Appeal for My Dismissal on Mon 9 Jan. I have been dismissed for poor performance whilst off I am off sick with depression triggered by work related stress due to an accumulation of toxic office culture and boss is a bully and harassing/pressurising me...
  3. Kerome

    Spirituality and equality

    I was thinking recently, and one of the things that makes me inherently suspicious of religion is it's tendency to put people on pedestals. Buddha, Lama's, Rinpoche's, Christ, the Pope, Priests, Monks, Sufi Shayks, Imams, Guru's, they're all supposed to be revered and placed 'on high', as some...
  4. P

    Nobody really wants equality.

    They just want stuff. Free stuff. Stuff that comes easy. If equality gets them the stuff then they say they want equality. Never equal responsibilities though. The world right now is like a yin-yang that is almost entirely black.