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  1. LillyaSky

    Sweet Relief and Hope!!

    I have finally found relief from a 7 month long mixed agitated episode. I told all my friends off, stopped speaking to my family and felt insane. I just wanted to share with people who would understand. I could write and write the insanity that came with this state. It was terrible. I wanted to...
  2. L

    Hi kindred spirits... new...

    Hi...im new... bit apprehensive... well ill introduce myself a bit... i was diagnosed 4 years ago when i was 17... then got addicted to all stimulants of many varieties.. and they changed my dx to bpd cos they couldnt tell where i was cos of all the drugs, wasnt having any negative symptoms...
  3. M

    Support needed! Feel like im my fiancés carer not partner!

    To cut a long story short........my fiancé had a manic episode in June 2013 which lasted about 5 months unmedicated. Within a few weeks of the manic episode ending he sunk into a depression. This was a result of many things that had gone wrong as a result of the manic episode, like our wedding...
  4. loulabelle


    I was prescribed this to help with the agitation when i was in hospital for a mixed state as its highly adductive i tappered the dose down an stoped ot once i felt better. Im on the bad end of hypomanic episode and feeling extreamly agitated again I cant speak to my doctor as its the weekend...
  5. loulabelle

    crashing from high

    Ive been hypomanic for about 3 weeks, but im coming down now, ive spent the last 3 days in bed remembering all the stupid stuff ive done all the money ive spent and im now overdrawn the countless times ive had unprotected sex and done nothing about it so theres every possibility that i may be...
  6. K

    Voluntary sectioning

    Hi I'm new to this forum and just wanted abit of advice really I'm waiting on an appointment to see a psychiatrist but it's not till 5 th June before this I've been seeing a physical well being councillar who referred me and before that and for the last four years I've been to my doctor and on...
  7. C

    First episode psychosis or Schizophrenia?

    Hey people! :) I was diagnosed in 2008 with schizophrenia and was referred to a help team and spend around 2ish years with them. I was discharged and passed to my local GP which I didn't keep close connections with. Unfortunately my usual GP retired due to a health matter which has left me no...
  8. A

    What am I supposed to be doing?

    My depression has lifted a little from my most recent mood episode and the voices are on low volume so they should be going away soon hopefully. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing to start recovering. I'm so scared of relapsing because of what it does to my head every time it happens...
  9. amathus

    Do you have panic attacks? How do YOU deal with them?

    Panic Disorder :eek2: "The person experiences episodes of intense panic. These episodes are unpredictable, start abruptly, and usually last a few minutes. While having an episode of panic, the person’s heart may race, they may sweat, shake, have difficulty breathing, have chest pain, feel sick...
  10. M

    Four years in remission.

    Hi I had a psychotic episode about four years ago and i've been in remission of symptoms ever since. My GP said that psychiatry is not an exact science, it may never happen again. However I can't shake the thought that it will, it's just a question of when. Because my psychotic episode...
  11. F

    Can't feel pain?

    Okay, warning: might be triggering to those individuals struggling w/ self-harm or suicidal ideation. 20 yrs old, female, previous diagnoses: major depressive disorder, psychosis. So since the 22nd I've been in what I think is a major depressive episode (recurrent every 2 years or so) and I...
  12. J

    Hello from the looney bin

    Hi everyone. I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Jake and I'm a 28 year old guy from Manchester. Have also lived various other places in Lancashire and just recently returned to Manchester after a 3 year stint in Glasgow. Have suffered with mental health issues for about 8 or 9 years but...
  13. L

    Advice needed please

    Hi there, I am really looking for a little advice around my relationship with my Bipolar boyfriend. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for the past two years , during the first year he was diagnosed with depression, which was a challenge but we managed , later in the year...
  14. G

    Acute psychotic experience

    Hello to you if you choose to read my post. I once had a psychotic episode. It has been my darkest secret for many years. I have told no one about it (not even my wife) and only very few people know that it happened to me (my immediate family). I am quite good a burying things and not dealing...
  15. T

    My daughter has cut me out of her life and i am hurting so much.

    My daughter is 17years old, and was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago, but over the last year proffessionals are saying it could be mood disorder, but no diagnosis has been set. She hears voices. At times arguments have been caused with me and my partner which i know does not help but they...
  16. Captain Maybe

    I can't cry :/

    Sometimes I feel an overwhelming need to cry but the tears just won't come out, I am not sure why can't I just cry my self out, when that happens I go through a depression episode for hours or a couple days, I feel like I block my emotions a lot What do I do ? :cry: