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  1. A

    What can you do to prevent a second episode of psychosis?

    Besides avoiding drugs and stressful situations I'd like to know what else can I do to prevent a second episode in the future. And does experiencing psychosis mean you are more prone to have schizophrenia?
  2. MeropeneM

    Suspecting my mother of BPD and PTSD

    Hello fellows, I'm Jester but you can also call me Proxy or Mero. I had a recent discussion with my mother, in her 60s, openly diagnosing her of borderline and explaining how her episodes, motives, ulterior justifications and shifts from idealization to devaluation don't make a lot of sense. I...
  3. A

    Mixed episode?

    I'm just reaching out to everybody. I'm also curious if anybody's ever had depression and anxiety the same time? I'm wondering if it's a mixed episode. I feel all this anxiety and depression at the same time. It's really hard to describe. I'm not angry or anything I feel kind of depressed having...
  4. T

    Hello from Tennessee

    Hello everyone, I’m 49 and was initially diagnosed at age 16 following a manic episode. I hope everyone is doing well.
  5. J

    Starting a new relationship worries

    So ive become involved with a lovely boy, honestly amazing, but i have reservations about starting a new relationship, like when I have an episode, is able to handle it? Im worried it will scare him off. Anyone got any advice?
  6. B


    It happened last Friday. I went to lunch (not to eat but for company) with some friends. I only ate a few fries offered to me. But after the lunch, when I got home, I became so anxious about my life, I quickly ate a sandwich and then some cookies. I then felt horrible and purged . I’m still...
  7. L

    How likely is that a second episode will happen?

    Can a woman, my sister, who had only one schizophrenic episode due to marijuana abuse (early 20s) accompained by a suicide attempt and diagnose of bipolar when discharged from psychiatric hospital, lead a normal life without any treatment AT ALL since? She suffed childhood traumas, today 35...
  8. Reinette

    Feeling like I’m on the edge of another mental breakdown

    Quick history...I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 17/18 and I’m 21 now. I ended up under a paediatric intensive team sort of thing because I had a psychotic break and started thinking people were going to kill me or poison me and I was completely delusional and was checking all my food for...
  9. X

    struggling to move on after partner's episode

    Hi all, this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right. I believe I have undiagnosed depression (waiting for an appointment to figure out) but I am caring for someone with mental illness. Hope its ok to post. My long term life partner has just a few weeks ago come home from hospital after...
  10. SomersetScorpio

    It's unbearable today

    I'm really struggling with how low i'm feeling. :low: Yesterday was hard but I got through it, however I woke up today just not wanting to be here at all. I'm not going to do anything to harm myself and yet that almost makes it more difficult, knowing that there isn't an escape from how...
  11. H

    Otto from The Simpsons

    In one episode, Otto gets a pill (or injection) which makes him more intelligent for a few minutes. He then freaks out and realises he has wasted his whole life. I saw this episode a few years ago, and I laughed. But as I have grown older and matured (too late 😢) I have realised that I wasted...
  12. spoon-racoon


    Hellooo, I'm just getting the hang of all this. I'm hoping for this forum to help me deal with my mental illnesses, especially my Bipolar II. I'm coming down from a hypomanic episode rn and I feel pretty alright I'm just kinda exploring the site now !
  13. E

    Psychosis caused by overactive thyroid?

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone on here had had a psychotic episode caused by an overactive thyroid? Out of hospital for just over a year now and when I came out they did a full physical health check and found out I had graves disease. Most doctors unsure what caused the episode of psychosis...
  14. T

    Do I have GAD, its been 2 years and I still don't know whats wrong with me?

    Do I have GAD, its been 2 years and I still don't know whats wrong with me? So I get what I call "episodes" seemingly randomly and they can last from an hour to all day. Usually the first sign of an episode is sort of a numb feeling on the top/back of my head and then it sort of grows...
  15. Iamsoconfused

    Anyone else taken lamictal...?

    I've taken lamictal before, but when I tried taking it a couple of months ago, I was extremely restless and just felt like I couldn't sit still. I felt a lot better emotionally, but my body felt pretty uncomfortable. I've had horrible reactions on just antidepressants, in the past, also. I'm...
  16. vanish

    Mixed episode and paranoia

    So apparently, it's been brought to my attention by my family and friends, that I am experiencing a 'mixed episode'. I've had hypomania and depression at the same time. What has been irking me is I'm becoming more distant and distrustful of friends. I keep thinking they are being mean to me on...
  17. DAXXIE

    Weird pyshotic episode resolved without meds.

    Good afternoon everyone..newbie to this forum but so glad I found it. I suffered a severe (and we are REALLY talking about severe)psychotic break back in the spring. It was the first time ever and I have never had another episode. Without warning I was first hearing voices in my pillow when I...
  18. S

    Episode length

    I'm very curious as to how long everyone's up and down phases last? Its always been a curiosity of mine since being diagnosed with bipolar. My most recent manic 'up' phases lasted 2-3 months as I was unmedicated and I'm now in the 2nd month of my depressive phase. My social worker keeps saying...
  19. 2

    Ruined a friendship during an episode - anyone else?

    As posted elsewhere, I don't tick enough boxes to be bipolar but I do experience hypomania / possible cyclothymia, who knows? Usually short highs followed by long lows. Imaginary cookies for anyone who gets to the end of this: A couple of weeks ago, I felt as if I was suffering from fatigue...
  20. M

    Diagnosis and medication woes - should I seek second opinion?

    I've known for some time (years) I've got some sort of mood disorder, after many goes on the NHS merry go round I've now been diagnosed with cyclothymia. Would greatly appreciate any input/opinions. Basically, I experienced mild mood fluctuations most of my life but never to any great degree...