1. Jean_Black

    Does anyone else keep track of their moods/slumps?

    I have been keeping a journal since I started my treatment, and I went through my entries the other day, as I want to show the psychiatrist when I go for my follow-up appointment on Friday. Using the content of the entries I made a graph showing my ups and downs over the month, and what caused...
  2. Y


    Would anyone mind reading my diary entries for the last couple of days that I will be showing to my doctor and therapist? I'm not sure if the entries are a bit too long, and if anyone can help me shorten them or just give opinions it would be brilliant. First time I have tried doing a diary of...
  3. F

    Mental health art competition

    Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust has teamed up with 1in4 People to launch the competition with the theme Dignity and Tranquility. The competition is open to people of all ages and a series of workshops will be hosted around the district to enable people to experience the...