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  1. S

    Horror, benefits, all advice welcome, thanks

    I shouldn’t have to pay a debutyship out of my court funds, ie my benefits, because I have been placed in this nightmare, for 17 years for ten pounds, should I, no I shouldn’t, why should they claim fees out of my benefits, I bet my ex still gets his benefits, ie fraud, ie out the country and...
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    warm house discount

    i have been told i might be entitled to a one off warm home payment of £140 because i am on benefits southern electric are going to send me a application form just thought i would share this information as some people on here on benefits may be entitled to love Lu xxx
  3. Solitude1


    Why isn't suicide a human right? Why aren't we entitled to commit suicide?
  4. S


    I've finally given in and accepted I have clinical deppression and given up work as I am to ill. Can somebody help me and let me know what benefits I am entitled to as this is a worry for me. For example if Iqualify for ESA am I encouraged to put in for DLA or PIP as well or am I not entitled ...
  5. D

    Am I entitled to Severe Disability Premium?

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I am on Contributory ESA after being removed from IR ESA. I used to get severe disability premium but since I have been moved to Contributory based ESA I have received nada. Should I still be getting it as I am on the high rate of PIP? I have been readign that...
  6. L

    ESA - Why was I not transferred from CB to IB and sent EDP form?

    Hi I found out about EDP last week. My SW phoned DWP and they said that 'I'm not entitled to EDP because I'm on CB ESA but they would send a claim form for IR ESA for me to apply. (I assume I can then claim EDP?) Why was I put in CB support group and not IR support group? If they had put me...
  7. U

    pip review

    hi so ive been on pip for abit of time now and I have a review dec this year. but im entitled to pip till dec 2017 so I was just wondering what happens with the review? thanks
  8. Z

    Its not that i WANT to die as such......

    I just feel ive given things my best shot am in the middle on abyss that realistically i will never get out of (a load of more or less unsolvable problems) have no desire to try to fight my way out of primarily as there will always be scum round every corner to stop any progress i made and for...
  9. calypso

    If on PIP or DLA - benefits you are entitled to

    I was writing on another thread and thought I would mention this here separately. If you are on DLA or PIP, you are entitled to a bus pass which can be used in any city/town throughout Britain for internal routes, not National Buses though between cities. Just apply to your Council. Also you...
  10. Cinders

    ESA/PIP and severe disablement something

    Hello, i hope you can help. I'm on ESA and in the support group. I moved from DLA to PIP last month. I was awarded PIP. I rang the DWP to see if the ESA section knew i had gotten PIP. I wanted to see if i would have to be interviewed next month as my ESA would have been coming up for renewal...
  11. Anime-Alchemy

    Dealing with other people's comments (online)

    By the way I'm not talking about this forum. I was on the minecraft forum and I was asking if I could make a thread about posting "dog memes", anyways a moderator told me I couldn't unless I change the thread to some sort of game, etc, which I understand totally and have no problem with. What...
  12. C


    Basingstoke and Deane First Point Orchard Centre White Hart Lane Basingstoke RG21 4AF 01256 423805 [email protected] At First Point we endeavour to work with you to support you to remain in your own home, access the benefits you are entitled to, manage your finances...
  13. C

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide | Katie Hurley I am a survivor of suicide. I don't talk about it a lot these days, as I've reached the point where it feels like a lifetime ago. Healing was a long and grief-stricken process. There were times when I felt very alone in my grief and there...
  14. L

    WHat is PIP? Im on ESA and so confused!

    :confused: Hi there, Im new to this site and forums. Im on ESA support group. Have been for over a year, Ive been working under 16 hours for a year (end of november). Ive been asked to attend a Face to Face health assesment (its on the 13th of Nov) Im Shi**ing myself. My questions are: What...
  15. serotonincat

    Am I entitled to more money?

    Hi everyone, I hope someone here can help me from their own experience. I've been diagnosed with severe depression and mild anxiety and I've been signed off work by my GP for 5 weeks now. I'm receiving SSP but it just isn't enough to live on and it's just stressing me out more and more. My...
  16. M

    Hellish friday

    I have workmen in the house today. Hate this! And my husband is working from home today--oh, please let the man go to the office. He'll be judging me all day and I can't stand the scrutiny. Going to be a rough day. He can be so critical- feeling he's entitled to judge what you should or...
  17. Grape

    warm home discount if on dla

    Just making you aware you can claim this from your electric bill. Its worth 140 pound each winter. Just got my credit. Im on esa support group and dla and was entitled.
  18. P

    ESA going into University? what will happen?

    Hello everyone, I start university on the 22nd September. Of which I will inform the DWP of the change in circumstances. My question is: if i get a payment while they are making their decision and they decide i am no longer entitled... will i have to pay that money back? thanks in advance...
  19. DerFluch


    I feel guilty. Like I did something wrong. Why do I feel like shit when other people have it way worse than me? I'm just a self entitled absorbed asshole. Even just making this post makes me feel guilty, because it takes up the space that others could use. Others with real problems...
  20. K

    Really confused about ESA rates.

    I got a letter through the other day and I thought it was for ESA but it was for PIP so I went online and looked at the ESA rates on the gov.uk website and it says that the support component of ESA is £108 or something but on the entitledto website it when I fill in all my personal details is...