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  1. N

    ANxiety/Holiday/Vaction-Hearing Voices

    Hi All, Although my anxieties haven't been too bad as of late, what with the interruption of holiday mode coming up, now I'm not one not liking interruptions to my usual anyway fitness regime me, and recently i haven't been at all well, with a boil infection; could be a atrributing factor for...
  2. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanhs Five Steps to Mindfulness

    i really liked this article, it's worth reading the whole thing if you are into mindfulness. At the bottom there is a five-part exercise series which is very good. Five Steps to Mindfulness - Mindful Our true home is not in the past. Our true home is not in the future. Our true home is in the...
  3. D

    i have given up

    so im 20yrs old and ive been dealing with depression my whole life. and it seems like everytime i take a step forward its in the wrong direction. i no longer find things as happy as before. my only source of joy i get is playing video games. i used to draw, take walks, work out, paint etc. but...
  4. N

    Can not enjoying things become a habit?

    I'm finding I have difficulty engaging with the world in any way, which means I have very little motivation except for when I 'have' to do things (like work) or when not doing something will mean something bad will happen (but that just makes me stressed). I've been like this for a very long...
  5. C

    North Yorkshire

    Northallerton Mental Health Support 2 The Link Crosby Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1DG 01609 780758 Drop in Drop In at Centrepoint is open each Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and on alternate Sundays from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Day support services MHS Day Centres...
  6. prairiechick

    Why people don't want you to commit suicide

    Trigger Warning: Why people don't want you to commit suicide I've come to the conclusion that people who try to keep you alive do so for themselves, not for you. Nobody really cares about your quality of life, only that you don't die. "Life over limb, right?" As long as you don't die, you're...
  7. P

    deteriorating mental health... not sure what to do

    My mental health is really worrying me at the moment :( . Not sure what the hell is going on tbh. My depression and anxiety have been under control a part from some blips here and there but now I feel unable to carry out social tasks and tasks in general, tbh. Even things I normally enjoy aren't...
  8. C

    Trying too hard to recover may make it less likely

    Trying too hard to recover may make it less likely Recovery from mental health problems can involve some paradoxes, of which the following is one. Stress tends to contribute to mental health problems. If you try hard to accomplish something, your stress level is likely to go up, so it follows...
  9. prairiechick

    Sometimes I just want to give in

    Sometimes I just want to give in to mental illness. I want to give up. I want to do something to get myself landed in hospital and just be taken care of. I am so tired of fighting my MH every day, just trying to survive. I am utterly worn out. Nothing is enjoyable. All the things I used to...

    Computer porn? yeah welcome to 1996

    They voices taunt me about it. Honestly, computer porn, and computer sexual services helped me become liberated. It is enjoyable usually, and a good release. I always wanted to be sexually liberated.
  11. bert tomato

    Having sub-plots in your life is good fun

    I am building sub -plots in my life: sports, history, art etc.. These create diversions and are enjoyable distractions from the saturated mainstream...
  12. A

    topamax question

    Anyones taste change while on topamax? I used to be addicted to soda now it tastes awful and I've noticed other foods aren't as enjoyable as they used to be. Is this normal? I haven't been eating much because nothing has been tasting right.