1. letmein

    merry Christmas everyone

    stay safe and enjoy the best you can xx
  2. S


    im new to this and have never been in a froum before ,so this is a bit about myself ,i'm in my early 50's am married with 4 children ,and have been suffering with depression for a number of years , with my depression and the state of my health i decide to join the forum to see if there are other...
  3. S


    im new to this and have never been in a froum before ,so this is a bit about myself ,i'm in my early 50's am married with 4 children ,and have been suffering with depression for a number of years , with my depression and the state of my health i decide to join the forum to see if there are other...
  4. S


    I'm 31 years old and have had depression and anxiety since I was probably 11. I had therapy for social anxiety and touched on depression too, and my anxiety is better but not my depression, and the problem is that the things I learned in therapy don't really work because the negative thoughts I...
  5. Topcat (was FunkTheFear)

    Loss of pleasure in things...

    So I'm not feeling like I get pleasure from anything much, but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding what pleasure feels like, or maybe I just don't do particularly enjoyable things? I used to enjoy food and cooking, it's a chore these days. I have no libido. I struggle to read quite often...
  6. F

    STILL hopefull

    Depression. They say keep moving no matter what even if it feels bad. I have managed to get past the point of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth etc. I got upset with myself for not being able to do something I usually would not mind doing. Ok so. Healing is still going. The depression has...
  7. S

    How can I allow myself to enjoy myself?

    How can I allow myself to enjoy myself? I quit/ abandoned my job which was the most stupid mistake. It was very stupid and very irresponsible but my anxiety was sky high and I just wanted relief which never came of course. I'm not asking for sympathy for that. I've been without work one month...
  8. M

    Nothing seems to help

    I've had depression for at least 3 years and it's only gotten worse as times gone by. I sometimes have days where I would feel fine and motivated and what not, but it seems those days are just coming by less and less. I never have the drive to do anything, I don't even enjoy anything anymore. I...
  9. E

    Enjoy making others feel bad, confused

    This is a newer thing for me, maybe it's been happening for a year or two. I enjoy seeing people agry and upset because it amuses me to see their lack of control. When someone screams at me, I just smile and sometimes laugh at them while they cry. I do have feelings, I have several animals...
  10. bluekii

    A Photo A Day: Mental Well-being [Photo thread]

    Hello, I will be posting one photo every day to try to help encourage positive vibes, inspiration, recovery and mental well-being. They will be drawings, photographs, quotes etc. I hope you enjoy the photos I post, and find some sort of comfort from them. :)
  11. B

    Mental Health/Split Personality

    Hi (new to the forum), I just wanted to see if maybe anyone has experienced what i have and has any solutions to help out. My partner has suffered with mental health since i met her 2 and a half years ago. Since then we've brought a house together, had a baby and spend 24/7 with each other...
  12. G

    new here, introducing myself

    Hi all, I'm new here, and just introducing myself. I was part of an online mental health support website a few years ago and found it very enjoyable. I haven't been on since that one closed down, but decided that I would like to join another community to both offer, and receive support...
  13. Mr.NiceGuy

    Do your voices enjoy a joke?

    I can remember since I was young maybe around 16, my voices always enjoyed when I would make them laugh. I would enjoy it too. If I imagined things that made me laugh before, like movies, they would laugh right along. Its a part of my life that I can always remember sort of enjoying. I never...
  14. P

    New psychosis documentary

    Link The Things I See Living With Psychosis 2017 720p - YouTube Really good! Im facinated how one of them had a false memory of giving birth! Enjoy :3
  15. G

    Hi Everyone

    Hello, My name is GeneralFluffCat, or you can call me Fluff. I decided to give this forum a try because I've suffered from mental illnesses all my life and I thought it would be a good idea to try and find some people like me so we can work through our problems together. I enjoy gaming as my...
  16. G

    Had Enough

    I am so unhappy, I don't know where to begin? I first started to feel mentally unwell around 16 years ago and since then I just feel that I have gradually declined to the point I am now, where I have simply had enough! I am morbidly obese and have carried this around with me my whole life, I...
  17. E

    Hi Everybody

    Hi :hi: I have depression, general anxiety, social phobia and Asperger's syndrome which can cause my mood to be a bit unstable. I joined this forum to have someone I can relate to who has similar problems to me. I've really been struggling with my mental health the past month and feel it would...
  18. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Do i post too much?

    I have been wondering lately if I'm too active on the forum. I don't want to be a menace to this wonderful community which welcomed me with open arms, and minds. I just looked in the chill out lounge and damn near the whole first page I made the last post. I've come to hold dear my friends...
  19. S

    It just doesn't matter anymore, does it?

    I can't feel anything. I don't know if it's because of my medications or whatever. And after reading that comment about someone getting their brain damaged after taking seroquel, I'm scared that I might have it. Because I can't feel my emotions anymore. I don't see the point in living anymore if...
  20. H

    running on empty

    Hello all I have experienced some degree of depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, and while it has been worse in the past, it really feels like the end of the road is ahead. After moving around a lot in the late 2000s and feeling very isolated, I began reaching out in 2009...