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  1. Urban Hermit

    Manic energy

    I'm feeling very energetic and over alert like my senses are wired and although it feels better than depression, I'm not sure if it's healthy or fair to feel so enthusiastic .... I'm trying to calm and focus my energy on productive things ... But it's so hard especially late at night, because I...
  2. qwerty1234

    I get strange problems with my body vibrational energy.

    In Asia they call it chi, life energy, which you can gather by waving your hands around for example. It's like there is energy in my body that keeps moving around of it's own accord, sometimes i can control it with my mind or muscles but sometimes i can't. It is often very disruptive and I...
  3. T

    Acceptance of depression

    I guess I am looking for support for the times when I just have to accept I can't be capable of having energy to get out of bed
  4. qwerty1234


    Burned out. I haven't been doing much except playing in bed analyzing my thoughts. Internally i feel much better doing this than I have been working, but I wish my energy and concentration would come back. I want a job, I want to work, I want to study.
  5. soulsearcher

    anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health?

    hey peeps so i was wondering has anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health illnesses?
  6. E

    It recently dawned on me that IMO I have PTSD

    I saw my GP today, he is referring me to a specialist to get a diagnosis; I can't go in to why I think I've got it because it would take too long & I have very little energy & am always tired (I've already been diagnosed with aspergers & anxiety & I've been on anti-depressants for 27 years ie...
  7. valleygirl


    Two weeks ago I was super high energy - not really hypomanic, I don't think. But I was bubbling over with ideas to implement with the toddlers I work with. I felt great, motivated, excited about my work. A week later I started my period and came down with an insanely sore throat, and I...
  8. InfinitumDaydreams

    I want to dissapears - I don't know how to improve

    I fail, everything is wrong. I don't feel hapiness and sadness, i don't feel anything, i just not have enough energy to do the basic. Take a shower , or brush a teeth, anything. I don't want to talk with people, my energy disappear so fast and i want to go home, for my bed, for my computer...
  9. K

    Red Bull

    Can energy drinks trigger hypomania?
  10. F

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy?

    What methods do you use, or have been used, to repel someone's negative energy? I am interested to know what methods anyone uses or what methods have been used to repel someone's negative energy? And if the negative energy has only been detected after it has been soaked up, how has it been...
  11. B


    I have suffered with depression for sometime now even though I have a good job,family partner, nice car things people feel happy and blessed why is it I don’t feel anything I seem to be going through day to day struggling to get up have energy and be happy inside of course outside I have to be...
  12. C

    Is this normal for depression?

    Hi, is it normal to feel physically sick, and so tired that I can barely move? It’s a complete nightmare because I have 17 month old twins and I’ve gone from having so much energy to have less than none since the depression has hit me square in the face.
  13. G


    Does anyone have more issues at night time with irritable and loads of energy and racing thoughts. During the day for the last week I have had so much energy and I am getting irritable cos I have no outlet for the energy cos I am wheelchair bound and as a result I am getting irritable and it’s...
  14. C

    Trapped energy - overwhelmed and self harming.

    Hi everyone - new here so sorry if I somehow post this wrong... First of all, whether you finish reading this or not, I hope you are okay and that your day only gets better from here. I'm sure I'll bother you with a lot more problems soon but for now... I'm concerned that sometimes for no...
  15. vanish

    Wonderland's lacklustre adventures

    After recently disappearing down the rabbit hole again into psychosis almost causing a hospital admission for violent hallucinations (violent towards myself rather than anyone else), I feel somewhat flat now. I don't know what it is that is causing this feeling, but I have literally zero energy...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    feel like a caged animal

    cooped up in here all the time ,only going out to walk maddie i feel like a caged animal i feel like i have got so much potential but am too scared/don't know how to reach it but at the same time i don't want to go out and be with people sometimes i feel so penned in i go for a walk at...
  17. Zardos

    I'm Sorry Guys

    Hi ya I haven't been around for the last couple of days so I thought I'd better check in... I had a couple of threads on the go the last time I was here.. So if you replied and never got an answer I do apologize...:low: I've been in a daze the last few days.. and I haven't been eating... Been...
  18. shaky

    Clothes in this weather - dangerous and a form of torture

    After a hot, hard day at work cleaning hotel rooms, where my energy levels were flagging. But this was my first day cycling to work and it was a beautiful day so I had to take the opportunity to take the scenic route home. Now at work we have to wear long trousers and a polo shirt made of heavy...
  19. S

    Newbie here, also struggling with things

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so thought to introduce myself. I'm a 28yo male living in the UK. For much of my life I've struggled a lot with loneliness, being neglected and feeling really down. This has cycles with intense anxiety and has been this way for many many years now. On a day to...
  20. M

    Bipolar II?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some research recently into some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the last year, and everything points to Bipolar II. I often go through bouts of deep depression for anywhere from a week to a couple months, and I also experience what I would call (from...