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  1. M

    In the wrong place--sorry!

    Ever since my concussion my balance has been poor. I tripped and fell last Wednesday and cracked my ribs. My god, the pain has been unbearable. I'm going back to hospital tomorrow. Been a rough year for me physically. Thankfully I'm doing well mentally. My husband leaves in a couple days and...
  2. tiltawhirl

    home-making/housekeeping/Flylady support thread

    begins here: http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread99565-6.html
  3. prairiechick

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    Snips, I will always remember you and all your cute kitten pictures. You encouraged me, and I am sorry I wasn't more of an encouragement to you. I hope that you are at peace now, in a place that is filled with light and love and beauty that washes away all the pain. I will never forget you.
  4. M

    Weight has been lifted

    I'm better today--no tears, no urges to SH. I feel a bit worn out and low but not nearly s bad as yesterday. Thanks to all who supported me and helped me get through yesterday. I'm so grateful for your encouragement and understanding! Xxxooo
  5. D

    Looking for some virtual encouragement.

    Hi. I've recently started CBT to help me gain independence and to become less reliant on my mum for help. However, I have a HUGE challenge this week and might sound silly to some, but it's putting petrol in my car! Something I've never done before! Of course, this is my top most anxious and...
  6. Spencer (:

    To everyone suffering, words of encouragement<3

    I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted on here. Life has been absolute chaos ever since I came home from treatment. I feel so terrible that I haven't been following the forum and getting to know the newer people on here. I just wanted to say thank you to all those who kept up on...
  7. E

    1 k a day in june

    I was inspired to do this from a girl iv started watching on youtube. I am going to be walking 1 km a day in june. I will be logging my walk on mapmywalk app my username is misssarah89 if anyone wants to add me or join me. Encouragement is welcome
  8. sallyb

    I'm in the wrong again,

    My 17 year old daughter needs to have counselling but really doesn't want to. I said if she did, i'd pay for driving lessons that she wants. I meant it as an encouragement, an incentive, something nice to look forward to after the perhaps not so nice counselling but she said it's blackmail and...
  9. Q

    Needing encouragement...

    At the moment I am 6 months into therapy with a specialist personality disorder unit, and I am feeling worse than ever. I just found out my friend is very ill, and may not be around much longer. Because she lives so far away I will probably never see her again. I'm also really stressed out at...