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  1. frisas45

    Has anyone dealt with the burden of taking care of someone, especially you having panic attacks as a result? How did you overcome them?

    How hard was it for you to take care for someone? How did you deal with the stress, especially the panic attacks? Did you have hope that it would turn around? If religious, how did your faith play a part?
  2. frisas45

    My mother and I suffer from schizophrenia and things are getting better. But I am exhausted to move on.

    I suffer from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. I get occasional bursts of anger and panic attacks. Thankfully, with the right treatment, my anger is reduced but I am still paralyzed in fear. My mother is suffering from delusional disorder. She refused to take pills that the doctor...
  3. G

    Leave a message for someone who is struggling

    This thread is for positive reinforcement. Add a random message of encouragement. Not to anyone specific, just strength when you have it. There will be times that you don’t.
  4. S

    Previous relationship -- feeling sick at heart

    I posted this in the PD forum which maybe is not the appropriate place so trying here. Hi, this is my first post and I need support from people who understand my situation. I had a relationship with someone early last year. It was long distance, casual but at the same time intense. He was...
  5. T

    Hearing voices network

    Fantastic group once a month meet up discuss how we have all been can talk about voice hearing and give each other tips or encouragement non judgmental environment. Try it guys nice people.
  6. A

    There's a light around the corner

    After a couple of weeks of being actively suicidal, it is now gradually subsiding. I still have the urges, but the emotions aren't so intense. They eventually burn themselves out. I wouldn't have believed it could pass a week ago, but like my therapist told me today, there's always a light...
  7. L

    I'm Kristi

    I'm new here. Looking for a friend to talk to? Just for some encouragement. I'm really having a hard time lately..
  8. G

    Meeting my ex tomorrow

    I'm meeting my ex girlfriend tomorrow , I am so nervous I feel like crying , I want to get back with her , I have bought her flowers a card perfume and wrote a letter explaining how I feel about her , what if she says just be friends (which I think she will) I won't be able to cope I will become...
  9. Acadia

    Hoping to Help Others :)

    Hello everyone! I'll just share a little bit about my story, in the hopes that it can be an encouragement to someone here. I have dealt with anxiety my entire life (which I'm sure may be true for many of you here as well). Ever since I was a little girl I remember worrying all the time, usually...
  10. naominash

    Can Art make Bank?

    Naomi here. Artistic expression is my passion. Artists are not known for success unless they're successful. Could use practical advice and encouragement. In fact, encouragement makes me feel artsy.
  11. J

    Hello, I am new to this site, looking for some encouragement

    I have been in a depression rut for at least 10 yrs now and have become quite comfortable in my own isolated world.
  12. J

    Need help.

    Hi my name is johnny not my real name by the way, so i don't know where to begin or how to word it. I guess i could go through a lot of problems and we'll be here for a day, i'll keep it short as possible. I'm not one to ask for help so i'm finding this pretty hard. It's been 6 years and i...
  13. J

    Words of encouragement

    Hi, I'm new to depression forums, so forgive me for rambling on. I have recently been diagnosed with severe clinical depression, this is the 3rd time now in 9 years, although I have been up and down a little all my life. Each time has been due to circumstances, as opposed to always feeling...
  14. U

    My first post

    Hey Everyone I am brand new to this forum, and who better to talk to about depression then people who actually understand how difficult it can be. I have known I have depression for over 10 years and have been stable on a mix of medications. This past year my doctor convinced me to go off one...
  15. apple


    I have been spending my days mostly alone and on the laptop. I know that for things to improve things have got to change. I live alone and I would really like to live with others who are friendly, preferably where there is support to engage in practical activities. I have been hearing...
  16. L

    How do you stay Motivated not to Self Harm?

    An article I read gave me a merciful, positive way to look at myself after I mess up and self harm after I've been trying really hard not to. I like trying to see myself in a different light that doesn't leave my feeling so down and depressed. Cuz I'm not perfect but I try. Are there other...
  17. E

    How to Talk to Voices

    This is the process I have followed that has taken me from an abusive situation with voices to one that is supportive. 1. Search - look for voices that have the most potential to talk with. Your natural reaction will be to ignore the hostile voices and look for the least hostile. In my opinion...
  18. C


    King's Lynn and Cromer Norfolk OCD Support Email - [email protected] Tel - 07554 991 813 or 07599 246 753 Cromer support group St Martins Church Lounge Suffield park Mill road Cromer NR27 0AD Meets the 1st and 3rd Thurs of each month, 6.30pm - 8.30pm. Kings Lynn support group...
  19. C


    Surrey Oakleaf Enterprise 101 Walnut Tree Close Guildford Surrey GU1 4UQ 01483 303649 [email protected] Oakleaf is the only mental health charity in Surrey working as a social enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues. We offer...
  20. C


    Swansea Transcend 01792 544018 [email protected] Transcend can provide one-to-one support to individuals with mental health issues living in Swansea. Anyone that is experiencing mental health difficulties can be referred to access support from Transcend. You do not need to be involved...