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  1. T

    Alcohol ruins familys

    I am a child of an alcoholic I was taught to drink and take drugs and smoke encouraged to do so I did For 15 years. It took e to bad places. But there was part of me that always wanted to be better. It's taken me a long time and I know longer want to drink. I've even quite smoking LOL But let's...
  2. S


    I've finally given in and accepted I have clinical deppression and given up work as I am to ill. Can somebody help me and let me know what benefits I am entitled to as this is a worry for me. For example if Iqualify for ESA am I encouraged to put in for DLA or PIP as well or am I not entitled ...
  3. M

    Do Pets Help You Heal?

    I just wondered if people are normally encouraged by their pets. I have been wanting to get a small dog. I wonder if that would help cheer me up or if it would just be another responsibility to take care of. It would be nice to hear positive feedback from people with their pets. Just something...
  4. pepecat

    "Shoot the Damn Dog' author Sally Brampton dies

    Sally Brampton, journalist and writer, dies aged 60 - BBC News (contains suicide specifics) Of all the 'celebrity' deaths this year, this one has stunned me the most, though actually, I"m not massively surprised. I feel a bit 'hit by a truck' for a few reasons..... I didn't know Sally at all...
  5. pepecat

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network Please note this request has been approved by forum staff. Could you help us to contribute to our understanding of the experience of hearing voices and other sensory perceptions? We are conducting two studies...
  6. L

    Voluntary work

    I am being encouraged to do voluntary work at moment as part of recovery. I have said not at the moment. I really don't think my head is ready for it. But haven't got any good reasons why not to except not feel well enough but difficult when psych and cpn think you are ready. Anyone else having...
  7. Sen

    Just sick

    I was reading a story today, about a girl who encouraged her friend to commit suicide.This evil girl has showed no remorse at all and thinks she has done no wrong.I can't believe she has the nerve to call herself a friend to anyone.I will post a link to this story if that's allowed,if not I will...
  8. C

    Experts wanted for North West London MAD Republic

    Experts wanted to form North West London MAD Republic Are you a resident of one of the following North West London boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Harrow and Hounslow? We are currently recruiting 4 experts by experience per borough...
  9. C


    Cornwall Breakaway - Support for adults withdrawing from tranquilizers. 2 Princess Street Truro Cornwall TR1 2ES 01872 243532 0778857290 Breakaway meets in Truro every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 2:00-4:00pm/6:00-8:00pm. This project is now in its 4th year. It provides self-help...
  10. Lincoln1990

    Here goes nothing

    MToday was a horrible horrible day. You would think I would be used to it by now but everytime I get lower and lower. Last time I'm trusting any man, at least the ones around here. I cannot handle this again. I know there are good men out there but I've never met one aside from my brother...
  11. cpuusage

    Psychosis recovery: stories, information and resources

    The biggest problem in our society now for those who get diagnosed with any sort of “psychosis,” is that they are most often met by professionals that do not even believe that healing can occur, let alone deep transformative growth. Deep transformative growth, could be the norm, if those...
  12. prairiechick

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    Snips, I will always remember you and all your cute kitten pictures. You encouraged me, and I am sorry I wasn't more of an encouragement to you. I hope that you are at peace now, in a place that is filled with light and love and beauty that washes away all the pain. I will never forget you.
  13. diamondshine


    It's been so long since I've been here. I should be glad. Worked it out earlier as one year 2 months and 28 days since I SH. That should make me feel less like doing it now. But it doesn't. I have to be at work in the morning. I don't know how i'm gonna get thru the night let alone the day. If...
  14. B

    Is this an eating disorder?

    I dislike eating and i dont enjoy it, i can go for days with eating, and sometimes i have to be encouraged to eat. I dont eat full meals, and get full very quickly. What r ur thoughts?