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  1. W


    How does everyone else deal with the loneliness? When you feel a burden to everyone and get told your texts are too long so then you feel like they’re dreaded, where do you turn?! Can’t cry it out that’s not an option just feel empty and pointless. Why can’t I just get a little support not from...
  2. I_Wish

    I feel nothing, and then too much.

    I've been laying in bed for almost 3 hours now, staring at the cieling. I don't know why I do this, why I just lay there doing nothing, thinking nothing, and feeling nothing. I have things to do, I'm a busy person and I'm still in school, but I can't bring myself to do anything, I don't want to...
  3. N

    i am truly alone in this world

    I am afraid to ever love anything or be excited about anything ever again. in december i met a girl who i thought would be the love of my love, but she left me two months later. And now I'm crushed 3 months after it happened I still can't get over it. It's not the feeling of losing her alone...
  4. S

    I have no reason to feel empty yet I do

    Here is the thing. I'm happy in life. I'm working everyday and the only thing that's not going right is my sleep pattern. But this is it and yet I feel empty. I never experienced depression, no suicidal thoughts, no hallucinations. Non of thos. I only have mild anxiety. And yet I'v always felt...
  5. P

    can't get comfort from anything.

    i try to get comfort from everything that i liked before depression.. but nothing. but empty-ness... which is ironic because how can something be filled with empty-ness?! my therapist cancelled my session last week and she hasn't even got back to me about a new appointment. the thing is i have...