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  1. Lostinthestatic

    How do you spend your free time?

    I have struggled with anhedonia (not enjoying activities I used to) for a number of years, and with my BPD traits it has become that I feel no joy unless my partner is with me and I am not splitting on him... I may feel brief moments of happiness or even laugh at something but it doesn’t last...
  2. M

    Numbness is worrying.. Did i get over it or did i become stupid?

    I'm not sure if this is the right Thread but i didn't find a more fitting one: First of all i would like to let you know that i allways was depressed/sad, i don't really know which one it is but i know why: my childhood wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. I was very depressed and also a bit...
  3. U

    New to the forum

    Hi all, I was up late crying when I should be asleep. Been having these recurring thoughts & urges to shave off my curly, black hair for the past month. Instead, I've only been cutting pieces here & there almost daily. Lately, when I'm at home I've been feeling so empty, unmotivated, & anxious...
  4. tragicpink

    emptiness. i want to feel alive

    like many borderlines i experience chronic feelings of emptiness. i used to be able to combat this with risky, impulsive, and damaging activities. i used to use hook ups and dating as a way to fill the void. i'm now in a monogamous relationship that i have no intention of giving up on so hook...
  5. qwerty1234


    intense feeling of emptiness
  6. N

    living with bpd as a psychologist

    i don't even know where to begin with... i don't know if its because i am very aware of my situation or a very mellow person but i feel like i have tried every little thing to climb up the stairs with all that weight on my shoulders. tried everything to fill that emptiness inside me but no...
  7. EmptyIInside

    Extreme Boredom

    Does anyone else here suffer with this? I found an an article that explains it better than I can: Borderline Personality Disorder: The Dull Edge of the Knife Its this boredom that makes me want to hurt myself, just so I can feel *something*. The boredom takes me hostage every few months...
  8. P


    I've been lonely all my life. There never were people who actually loved and really cared about me. In every day life, I'm usually able to mask this inner emptiness by talking to people online and keeping my mind occupied. But in the end, when I'd really need somebody who is willing to listen...
  9. Y

    No sense of self, can't find anyone inside me...

    I wasn't sure where to put this, and I'm not sure if this is a form of depersonalisation or not. I don't feel I have a strong, stable sense of who I am. I feel like I'm not really present, not really here with myself. I just feel like I'm an empty body, with consciousness but no identity or...
  10. T

    Loneliness and emptiness

    Over a year ago I moved to the United States with my family due to work relocation, and ended up having to do my last year of highschool here. I didn’t do so well, and despite having good grades in my previous school I really messed up senior year and now i’m stuck in the US attending a...
  11. J

    How do you find a drop of energy and motivation every day

    Almost every single day I wake up feeling tired and miserable, no energy, no motivation, nothing, just emptiness... I feel no pleasure doing my usual works, just a continuous state of emptiness.. I feel so tired, it's like I am always sleepy.. I try and try to find a way to escape from this pit...
  12. A

    Wish I hadnt

    I was so low on saturday that I took a handful of pills hoping that I would just fall asleep and the pain and the emptiness would be gone. I awoke the following day unwell. Because of my size there was enough to make me sick but not kill me. The first thought was my daughter, she lives with me...
  13. D

    Describe how you feel

    Hi guys, I'm doing some research for my degree in Games Design and wanted to make a game exploring depression! Through my research I've chosen 6 symptoms/feelings that one could feel whilst battling depression. The 6 I've chosen are: Isolation, Absent-mindedness, Insomnia, Helplessness...
  14. C

    Feeling stuck in my home and in my mind

    So I made a post about losing my connection with music, about no longer being able to feel it or be moved by it. It makes me deeply sad to be in this state because music is my life-long passion. Music used to help me escape into the land of dreams, and now I find I've lost the keys to that door...
  15. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanh on emptiness

    Amazing perspective.
  16. 6

    Empitness rotting my heart

    I feel so empty today. I just wish I could run away from my emptiness. A friend's therapist told her that if you fear that you are going crazy then you probably aren't going crazy. I am finding some solace in that. I think feeling so empty could drive me crazy though. I even tried making good...
  17. L

    How to deal with emptiness?

    For as long I remember, I always felt a deep sadness inside me (I don't think sadness is the right word, but I basically mean this heavy feeling inside of me). During my teens this feeling became more strong and I would feel very deeply - when I was down I was really down and when I felt better...
  18. G

    How do I carry on?

    For a long time I've struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Just in the past year alone I've talked my problems out several times with a few close friends and, on rare occasions, a crisis intervention operator. I believe that most of these feelings come from comparing myself to others...
  19. amathus

    The Three Faces of Emptiness.

    The Three Faces of Emptiness | Childhood Emotional Neglect Emptiness. It’s not a disorder in and of itself, like anxiety or depression. Nor is it experienced by most people as a symptom that interferes with their lives. It’s more a generic feeling of discomfort, a lack of being filled up that...
  20. C


    I am not sure where to post it.. but I'm Bipolar so I'm posting it here. Recently, emptiness has started creeping into my life. Im stable.. it's not depression.. depression is crippling. I am just feeling.. empty. It's not coming in the form of ya know, staying in the house all day or laying...