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  1. D

    Medication Question

    Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and may I wish you and yours a very healthy and happy 2019. I have a question and I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the matter. I have been struggling with anxiety/depression since the loss of my mother in 2000. I had a major...
  2. qwerty1234

    Boss anxiety

    Work and bosses are a really major stressors for me, so you are going to hear me talk about this a lot! I am probably just going to go on and on in this thread over many days and weeks if it stays up. I have a good boss now, who is rational and calm and clear and educated, but I feel he has...
  3. K

    Partner with PTSD: How to be stronger/more resilient

    Hi everyone, A little over 2.5 years ago, my girlfriend was physically assaulted by her boss at work. Afterwards she was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression. This is on top of an existing diagnosis of ADHD. I have been trying my best to provide care and support, while also trying to keep...
  4. H

    Is this depression?

    I don't know how to describe my feelings as I am always wary of exaggerating them and making them sound worse than they are, but here goes... I feel down most of the day. I feel most comfortable when I can stick to a set routine every day and get frustrated when I can't for sone reason. At work...
  5. valleygirl

    Feeling Very Fragile

    I don't really know why I am feeling this way. But since Halloween I was counting down the weeks, and then the days until Christmas break. By the time we were down to 1 week I was barely holding on by a thread. At the end of that week, on Friday night, I slept 14 hours. Counting weekends, I...
  6. B

    HELP.. Losing my mind. Slowly.

    This is a bit of an essay so be warned,but I need to get stuff off my chest and seek advice. This is the first time I've spoken of this. From an early age (7 years old) I became victim of a parents partner who put me through hell,physically and mentally. I was getting bullied really badly at...
  7. T

    I don't know where to go from here :(

    Hi all, This is a difficult post for me to write but I need somewhere to be able to air exactly how I'm feeling and hopefully gain some advice on what to do. I'm sorry, I already know it's going to be a long one. I think I've probably struggled with depression since I was 14 years old - I've...
  8. L

    Overwhelmed with life and leaving my partner

    Hi everyone. I'm feeling pretty shi**y and have been feeling like this for some time now and I need to figure out where to go with my life from here. I've been with my partner for 9 years and we have a 6yr old son. I work a minimum wage job around my child being at school as my boyfriend "can't"...
  9. BlackHeart


    Hi I have joined this forum because I'm not actually sure wether there is anything wrong with me or not. I started having panick attacks around the age of 17, this got a lot worse when I started my first job in a packing factory, after having passed 2 level 5 college courses without going onto...
  10. B

    Work Anxiety is crippling me everyday

    I've been diagnosed with anxiety for about 2 years now and it has always had a negative impact on my work. If I make any kind of mistake my brain tells me that I am rubbish at my job and I'm going to get fired and then I spend the rest of the day panicking about my job security and telling...
  11. F

    I have got a part time job today, had to give up last full time role.

    I have just had a phone call to tell me that I have got a part time job, I start after Christmas. I had a full time job in October but I had to give it up due to continued anxiety attacks. I am hoping that this part time job will be less stressful and help me to eventually get back into full...
  12. L

    Work anxiety

    Hello everyone, my work is giving me a lot of anxiety, I struggle to sleep, I’m very stressed and I have tachycardia all day, I don’t know how to cope with that, it’s all too much and overwhelming, any advice?
  13. qwerty1234

    Always wanted a fairytale life

    I have never grown up... I thought life would just happen to me on its own, no having to scheme or manipulate, that I would just find my passion and move towards it. I hope it will work out in 2019, I seek a deeper connection between myself and this world.
  14. P

    Hello everybody

    I had depression since my teenage years I am now 28 yo. I am on medication 1 year now and I feel way better. I also had some interviews that solved somehow some matters. When I was a teenager I was depressed due to feeling inferior lacking confidence having lost some of my hair and being a...
  15. P

    another bad day...

    I've only posted once here. I don't even know what to say, i'm just feeling really bad. I don't want to bother anyone, work just sucks. Drama drama drama. And my boss doesn't help and doesn't want to hear me out. --That and the way she speaks to me about anything about this just sucks. She was...
  16. R

    Severe difficulties at work

    Hi there, I suffer with very bad SA and my doctor said I had mild autism I'm really not exaggerating or being paranoid when I say I'm hated at every workplace i've been at (mainly because of the difficulty I have in making eye contact) and resultantly REALLY struggle to hold down a job. I am...
  17. T

    you should get a job and

    - get married, and have kids, and get a car, and go to the gym. You are just in a bad cycle. You should stop your medication as it isn't helping much so you maybe don't need it. When you start work, you'll be fine and will surprise yourself that you will feel so much better. Work helps you. :eek:
  18. L

    Not happy in my new job. Struggling to cope :(

    Hey all, I don't suffer too frequently from anxiety, unless they are associated with my Intrusive Thoughts, but at the moment I am struggling. It's been a tough year. My partner has been very unwell, although she's slowly recovering now. I have managed to cope well, with help from family...
  19. B


    Hi I have a CPN. She is very good but says she does not check her email s out of work time and got angry that I called her work mobile. I have crisis team to call but do not know them. Should a CPN be accessible to a patient out of hours ? when she is not working as I believe work does not stop...
  20. S

    What helped me with my anxiety (gad) and depression.

    So this is my first time posting on a forum like this. I have browser various ones for years looking for advice on anything from supplements and foods to medications and self help techniques. I tried what seemed like everything. So many other seemed to have success with certain breathing...