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  1. T

    Relationships - Emotional Drought?

    Hello, everyone! I'm interested in learning if anyone here has every personally experienced or knows someone who has experienced something that I refer to as an emotional drought? Long story short, my boyfriend of almost two years has just expressed to me that he "needs time" and "needs a...
  2. Urban Hermit

    Emotional mapping xx

    I've been reading about support for mental health issues, does anyone here doing emotional mapping xx Where you record your emotions, the highs and lows and the things that maybe have altered or influenced them ? As a way to track your triggers and to plan better self care ? Just wondering...
  3. C

    hey, is this normal or could i possibly be bipolar?

    its something i wonder about occasionally. my best friend had bipolar (lets call her Rachel) and we got along so well. i would always say that she understood parts of me that nobody else did. and now recently my sister put herself in the mental hospital, theyre treating her for bipolar too. it...
  4. A

    is this considered emotional abuse? also, unwanted/intrusive memories?

    i'm going to try and keep this short. i have anxiety and and eating disorder. i'm in treatment and so we've been digging deep in our pasts and stuff to try and see why we are the way we are, so we can get proper help. i feel like this wouldnt be considered emotional abuse bc it just seems like...
  5. H

    Am I crazy?

    So I've been diagnosed with Bpd and I was on meds for a while but I stopped and I thought I was doing better. I try to be more mindful before I react to negative emotions. Anyway a few weeks ago I asked my brother if I can have some stuff delivered to his place and he basically said no because...
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    analyzing emotions from words and wizzadry

    the time it takes for the emotions of the words of thought or speech to dissolve is important to tailbone wizardry. Short of biofeedback from your tail, analyzing different emotions during the pauses for words to settle will lead you to controlling volume and precision of making voices or clicks...
  7. P

    I died

    I know I had made a post yesterday but I did not get to the core of why I feel the way I do. I feel like there is no returning to who I was before because of these thoughts. I am currently in an emotionless state. I feel nothing. And in this state of nothingness I have come to ponder over...
  8. P

    No longer human.

    Hello. I just needed to write this out I think. Im 26 yeards old, a virgin, and still live with my parents with hardly no social contact outside them or a friend I talk to online. I know I have ocd. I had for it ever since I was 10. But over the years I have suspected to possibly have schizoid...
  9. K


    Hi everyone. I am new on this forum... So I have 19 years and three months ago I have moved from my hometown to the much larger city... The thing is that I always have one best friend for like two months and then we just stop talking... They all think that they know me but more that we are...
  10. P

    I need help

    I'm afraid that I am now a sociopath. I digged too deeply in the reality of the world and now I have seen the truth. About a week ago i started having a series of disturbing thoughts regarded the world and how it is a fucked up place. Thoughts on random fears and thoughts that life is suffering...
  11. L


    I'm new here, not sure what to expect... Recently discovered in individual counselling my incredibly destructive patterns with relationships and 'relationship addiction' and an anxious attachment style. all this time (for a number of years) I have been dealing with depression and anxiety, but...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    I don't know how to articulate my emotions

    so i hurt myself instead x
  13. My_Second_Chance

    Signs Someone Has Built An Emotional Wall Up!

    What are the signs and characteristics of someone who has built up an emotional wall? How does one attempt or break it down?
  14. M

    Why positive emotions are everything (brief statement)

    If a person loses his voice, he can no longer sing. If a person loses his legs, he can no longer walk. If a person loses his sight and hearing, he can no longer see and hear. Likewise, when a person loses his happy emotions due to clinical depression or any other factor, he can no longer love...
  15. R

    Hey y'all

    Hello. I've tried forums before with little luck. It's probably because I am completely not capable of following through with anything. I've been trying to function with mental illness for as long as I can remember. I won't go too deep into my story, I don't think anyone has time for that...
  16. D

    My Emotions are Ruining everything

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone else out there has advice on emotions. I'm literally flying off the handle all the time. Slight criticism from my girlfriend about my appearance or my actions make me shut down or get angry. I'm jealous of her friendship with her ex boyfriend so I get cold...
  17. C

    User Name Corbie

    Hi I am (user name) Corbie. I have for several years been trying to understand and function with complex issues originating with long term emotional abuse, bullying, dissociation. Eating disorder. Depression. Trust Issues. Dissociative anger. Emotional distancing. The dissociation makes...
  18. S

    Bpd and relationship problems

    Hi everyone, I have just recently been diagnosed with BPD, however I have been living with this condition for nearly 5 years now. With the help of therapy I have really learned how to control my extreme emotions but I'm still finding it difficult to develop emotional attachments. I have been...
  19. L

    Hi. Such difficulty in getting a diagnosis.

    Hiya. I'm very frustrated in my inability to speak to someone who can actually diagnose me. I'm sure I've had an underlying mental health condition for over a decade that hasn't been diagnosed, and I've tried to pretend it's imagined or that I can deal with it. I can't any longer. Underneath...
  20. C

    Hi, I have a question

    so I was wondering. I can't seem to feel an emotion longer than minutes or even seconds, I always go back to being numb and not caring about anything. is this an issue or are people faking their emotions? I know this is weird, or at least I guess it is