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  1. S

    Becoming emotionally numb on purpose

    I'm starting to become emotionally numb on purpose (I found out that I'm that type of person that anti depressants make them emotionally numb) and I really enjoy it. Anyone here in my situation? How long have you been numb for? Also, what is the maximum Cirpalex (Lexapro) you can take a day...
  2. R

    Is this relationship fufilling me

    So as someone who has been fighting mental health for 5 years now. I found myself in a relationship. I am so happy and he makes me so happy. He treats me well and is so caring. However I keep getting this feeling of loneliness emotionally from him. I don't think I ask for much and perhaps...
  3. L

    “Am I really playing victim?”

    I was told tonight by someone close to me that to “stop playing victim!” This hurts and I can’t deal. I’m currently in a MHU after a failed OD on Sunday, I’m already emotionally vulnerable. I was or thaught I was making progress until I was told that! Now I’m feeling sooo angry and hurt
  4. U

    Confused, forgetful and emotionally numb.

    Can anyone help I'm feeling emotionally numb and confused. This problem started from feeling emotionally numb for reasons I don’t know why (maybe due to constant anxiety and drinking allot) I then started to obsess on my memory. This obsession consisted of constantly replaying events in the...
  5. O

    Hey guys quick question

    What do you do if everything you say is being taken in a hostile manner. Everything I say to my partner has some hidden meaning. Tonight while watching Antwon fisher I made the comment he was an easy target( because it was so easy to drive him to anger) well my gf of course said I was saying if...
  6. D

    Hallucinating for over two weeks

    Hi guys.i have emotionally unstable personality disorder and bipolar type 2, I've been hallucinating for over two weeks.
  7. nickybow86

    Every emotion in one day

    I can litterly have all emotions in one day ! Happy one min then instantly angry then depressed then ok. All the while I'm still feeling numb emotionally. I have all these emotions and don't feel any of them !
  8. W

    WHAT IF...Sensitivity and Emotional Empathy (ie BPD) was celebrated instead of demonized?

    WHAT IF...Sensitivity and Emotional Empathy (ie BPD) was celebrated instead of demonized? Okay, so alot of research shows that people with BPD are much more highly sensitive than the average 'normal' human being. We pick up on others subtle body language or facial expressions, much more than...
  9. S

    Emotionally abused by my sister.

    This is kind of a long story but I will try and keep it short. My sister emotionally abused me all my life, but she kept telling people how close we were, this would make me cringe and I did feel like telling her to get out of my life. So 4 years a go I did just that, I had a massive argument...
  10. 0

    Why do I feel like this?

    I haven't been on here much it's been a confusing time for me I Haven't been myself recently and I don't know why I wake up in the morning and I can't summon up the will to get up and go to work I can't summon up the will to be happy all I really want to do is curl up in bed and cry. I'm just...
  11. F

    How do you tell the difference- adult tantrum v meltdown ?

    At one point when faced by negative/stressful stimuli my anxiety would ramp up, I would become emotionally volatile, verbally very heated, and increasingly irrational and paranoid. It was not behaviour I did with the expectation of getting anything but more a reflex reaction. I think my...
  12. Sweet angel

    found out my mom putting some dangerous wizardry stuff under my bed

    so.. i feel empty and tired because i spent the past 48 hours so ANGRY and sad and that took away all my energy.. So sorry for my bad english, but uhh, anyway.. I have an emotionally abusive bad parents, they took everything i loved away from me, from taking away my toys when i was 5 years...
  13. J

    Stuck on an Emotional roller coaster

    So, at this point i'm not sure there is any getting off of this roller coaster of emotion that I have been riding since adulthood. Emotion seems to spin, flip and twist the consistency of my perceptions all over the place, and I don't know how I am supposed to gain any momentum in life when my...
  14. P


    Hello, This is my first post and i'll be honest i am very scared. A lot has happened to me growing up and i don't remember all of it but, what i do is damning. I've been abused by both of my parents both physically and emotionally for as long i can remember until i left. My mother primarily...
  15. D


    A little bit of information beforehand; I do already dissociate and I know what being numb feels like. I'm trying at this point to understand if I'm dissociating right now or if I'm emotionally numb or detached and mayhaps ways to go about dealing with/fixing it.
  16. N

    I've been emotionally abusive, and I'd like to stop.

    I've hurt previous partners. I've hurt my current partner. My mother was emotionally abusive toward me. I still read posts from the time when one of my partners and I were together. I still think about her, even when I'm with someone new. I can't get her out of my head. I hurt her, and I can't...
  17. Shadow-one

    Feeling so depressed - emotionally messed up

    Hi everyone I finally decided to write a new thread as I am at the end of my tether at the moment. I am feeling very depressed and have been particularly bad for the last 5days.. I don't think its all Christmas related as I felt I got through that ok...but this depression is a killer... I had...
  18. M

    feeling emotionally flat and suicidal, is this depression?

    hi, i'm a 20 year old male. I was diagnosed with GAD at the age of 16 and ive gone through alot of stressful events at that age. I was put on zoloft when i was 19 because of how bad my GAD was. I would get extremely tense and could barely go out in public because i would look like a stiff robot...
  19. G


    This year I'm going dressing up as an "emotionally stable person" no on will know it's me hahahahaha
  20. G


    I am now renaming borderline personality disorder ( bullahit name anyway ) to - Obsessive Self Distruct disorder I literally can stop destroying myself emotionally , mentally or physically , what do ye think of the new name?