1. G

    Embarrassed, anxious, obsessive thoughts

    Does anyone know any coping mechanisms for obsessive thoughts and feeling shame? I feel like everyone thinks I’m weird and is laughing at me. I have specific memories play in my head over and over and they come with a really embarrassed feeling. It has gotten a lot worse lately. I really want...
  2. N

    a bad month of anthropophobia

    I'm afraid of people. but at the same time I crave to have them in my life. It's exhausting. after having my phone stolen out of my vehicle at work a month ago my anthropophobia came back with a vengance and I was forced to call off any event involving others in my life for the month. All I...
  3. jojo94

    Struggling to open up

    I feel really embarrassed posting this. I'm having problems opening up to people, even those I trust. When someone asks me about something personal I go quiet or try to cover it up or I make hints in the hope that someone will realise some thing is wrong. In these situations I feel embarrassed...
  4. vanish

    Feeling paranoid and para-suicidal

    Title says it all really. I feel like harming myself and being instucted by voices to die. Don't worry about me though as I won't, as if I survive I'll be made homeless again as I'll be kicked out of where I am living I think. I don't want to upset the applecart so to speak. Because I volunteer...
  5. SunnyDaze

    Are You Embarrassed/Ashamed Of Your Symptoms?

    Of all the PTSD symptoms I struggle with,my extreme startle response and being easily angered are the 2 I hate most. People usually laugh when I am startled, which is so embarrassing for me.I laugh about it too when they do because I don't want them to know I feel embarrassed or that their...
  6. A

    Was it rape

    I was with my ex boyfriend and at the time I was a virgin. I wanted to have sex with him but then I started to have second thoughts and said "i don't want to do it, maybe next time". The next I know is that he was on top and penetrating me. That was my first time. It's been two years and I still...
  7. K

    Erratic Writing, Speaking and Thoughts.

    As part of my recovery I've tried to notice the problems with myself, those which fuck up socialising. I have concluded that my racing thoughts, distorted speech and bad writing logic is the main factor which is making me anxious. Does anyone else notice this/ have any idea how to combat it? I...
  8. T

    I feel so embarrassed for crying infront of my psychiatrist

    I didnt just cry, i really really sobbed. I mean, i had my reasons and it was understandable. But i am really embarrassed with how i must have looked and sounded. People out of the room likely would have heard which makes me feel worse. I rarely cry infront of people, nevermind going on like i...
  9. C

    New here, embarrassed, now anxious and depressed

    Newbie here. I need reassurance I did the right thing because I am not convinced. A little about myself...I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 about a decade or so ago but the emphasis is on depression. I always take my meds as directed and I feel "normal"...more or less. I am not in talk...
  10. Z


    Has anybody else experienced not knowing if you are hearing voices in your head? It sounds maybe not like a big problem, but many times my voices sound like me and I think they impersonate me to be tricky. It really bothers me and I'm embarrassed to tell my doctor. Anybody?
  11. I

    so nervous docs appointment

    Hi so I'm.going doctors tomorrow for injection protective contraception,just so scared and off my Dr seeing my bum,I'm.well scared and embarrassed
  12. I

    asking gp for the pill nervous

    Hi I have. Qn appointment with a nurse about. Going on the morning. after pill but I'm really embarrassed any advice please
  13. I

    How does one clean up their reputation? (I need a fresh start)

    There are things I wish people in my town didn't know about me. Like I have mental illnesses, and take medication. That I use to train and spar in martial arts because I am still injured and can't train anymore because of it. I have been made fun of and talked about here. People have even...
  14. D

    Extreme camera shyness

    Since I was a teenager I have always hated having my photo taken. When someone gets the camera out I move away from them. I feel uncomfortable looking at photos of myself because I worry that I look stupid and that everyone is laughing at me. I'm worse when people record videos. I hate seeing...
  15. B

    Feeling watched.

    Ever since I can remember I've felt as if there was something in the room with me whenever I was alone. I'm extremely afraid of being alone in the dark as well. Also I sometimes feel as others are talking about me or staring at me when I see them laughing or joking about something or someone. I...
  16. M

    On ADs for years, why am I still so low?

    I have needed anti-depressants for most of my life, having suffered numerous bouts in the past, paired with extreme anxiety. I have also had problems with PMT exacerbating my mood issues. I have had plenty of counselling/therapy and CBT over the years, which have helped to varying degrees, but...
  17. G

    past playing on my mind

    Hi Im early 30s and would describe myself as introverted and dont have any close friends. I have a few aquantencies but i wouldn't describe them as best friends. I can feel lonely and rejected by people. I dont think i used to be like this, growing up i had a best friend and other friends who...
  18. R

    I'm so embarrassed. Please help!

    I'm far too embarrassed to talk to anyone face to face about this so my first thought was to come here again. Please don't judge me and say i shouldn't have done it and it was far too soon because it's happened now and i already feel like shit. I've gone over 10 years without having sex or any...
  19. T

    How Long Can You Realistically See a Psychiatrist/Psycholgist For?

    I've been seeing my psychiatrist for just over a year now and a Psycholgist for 5 months for an ED/OCD/Depression and Anxiety. I'm also now being assessed for a eating disorder day clinic. I still have all the behaviours I started with and only feel very slightly better I think because of meds...
  20. D

    Crumbling in to an emasculated depressed recluse

    My first post and I hope it is in the correct forum - and apologies in advance for what I know will be along post. I hope someone hear can help me. The short version is I have changed in the space of a couple of months from a confident outgoing and very happy man, in to a depressed, socially...